Hi Bryan Here…

So yesterday I posted the 2011 COACHELLA LINEUP HERE.  Now some genius has made a faux lineup which I think should be the ultimate lineup for any music festival.

Oh Just think how amazing this would be to see and hear live.

Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans and Driveshaft and Wycked Sceptre performing live.  Awesome!

Below is the faux poster for the ultimate COACHELLA lineup I wish would come to be.

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2 Responses to “The Coachella Lineup That Should Be and Forever Be Made and Performed!!!”

  1. CrescentFresh22 Says:

    There is no way that CB4 headlines over Ziggy Stardust!!! Much props for the Clerks reference and looking forward to Bezerker on Saturday.

  2. Gumbercules9000 Says:

    Wycked Sceptre is great too. Yeah Cb4. haaa.

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