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Many of you know Daniel Johnston as a musician.  But he is also a writer and an artist who draws cartoons.  He has been wanting to do a comic book for a while now, and it seems that he is finally tackling that now.

You have probably seen some of his cartoons such as Joe the Boxer:

Or Jeremiah The Innocent:

Those are the wider known cartoons.

Well now Johnston has launched a project called “Daniel Johnston’s Endless Comics Book and Musical Greatness”.  It will be a comic book in classic, printed, and online form.  It will combine his artwork, storylines, downloadable music, and an option for his fans to contribute to the story providing the “infintie” or “endless” experience.

The book is still in the production phase and is looking for investors.  There are certain price levels available and when you contribute you will most likely get autographed shirts/records of some sort.


By Bryan Kluger

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