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Hey folks, here are some more films for the ultimate list.  Any guesses what’s in my top 10 films of the last decade still?  Please comment and let me know your guesses.  Any who, here is a small list to continue on this massive inventory.  As usual, you will get the title of the film, the release date, a mini review and synopsis by yours truly, and a link to purchase the movie over at amazon for a good price.


44_ Monsters Inc. – November 2, 2001

Yet another PIXAR film is on the list.  Well let’s face it, pretty much all of the PIXAR films are worthy of making this list.  This one I really like, because the world we are brought into is so cool and brilliant.  John Goodman and Billy Crystal are amazing voice actors and their voices really make these characters come to life.  Steve Buschemi does his best at being the evil character.  and it really plays well.  His character is so creepy.  And i just loved how the monsters found out that laughs were a much better source of energy than screams.  I really want a sequel, which I hear is being done, with Billy Crystal doing tons of Stand up for their company so that the monster world can survive. Just think if you had Chris Rock, Steve Martin, and Eddie Murphy as voices as the monsters in the sequel doing stand up.  Will be great.  Loved this film.

43_ Crash – May 6, 2005

Paul Haggis became a house hold name after this film came out.  I really think the Oscars need to create a category for Best Ensemble Cast.  This film really has no lead actor, just supporting actors whose lives become all connected in one way or the other through hate and love.  A very powerful film.  Every actor in this film deserves and award.  I wish there were more films like this.

42_ Star Trek – May 8, 2009

The re-vamp of the Star Trek franchise by J.J. Abrams was totally BADASS out of this world awesome.  Now I love the previous films and the tv series, but with this new film, it got a much broader audience and a new generation to see what Star Trek was all about.   The actors chosen to play these iconic characters were spot on and action was thrilling.  I loved everything about this film.  All the changes they made from the original films were great and the story line they came out with was incredible.  I cannot wait for a sequel.  The FX in this film are top notch, and it is such a fun time watching this film.  Phasers On.

41_ Moon – June 12, 2009

A great little film that was not seen by a lot of people.  This will go in my top sci-fi films of all time list.  Basically the film only stars Sam Rockwell with the voice talent of Kevin Spacey as the A.I. robot which reminded me a lot of Hal-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  This film is pretty tense and at sometimes a bit gory. But it is a very clever tale of one man’s survival and coming to terms for what his purpose is.  It is a must-see.  I love showing this film to people.  Very eeire.

40_ Memento – October 11, 2000

Oh I remember seeing this in the theatre over ten years ago and remebering this film blew my mind.  On how different it was and how great it was to see a film with the ending first and filmed backwards.  A true murder who done it mystery movie, but done with such style and coolness that it brought tons of fans to the indie film scene again.  Joey Pants and Guy Pearce are amazing in this film and not to mention director Christopher Nolan made this film who went on to make Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Kudos.  Great film.

39_ Amelie – November 16, 2001

A very beautiful film. Before most people saw this film, I was raving about it to people about how they had to see it.  That they would fall in love with Audrey Tautou and her journey she embarks on.  I really hope there are more films like this to come out in our era.  A true one of a kind film.  I love french films.

38_ Death At A Funeral – August 17, 2007

Frank Oz did such an excellent job again directing this british dark comedy.  I saw an early screening of this movie, and laughed the entire way through it.  My face hurt from laughing so hard.  I wish more comedies were this funny.  This also has quite a bit of heart and soul in it as well which combines with the comedy brilliantly.  Pretty much every type of humor is in this film.  Something for everyone.  See this film.

37_ Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – December 17, 2003

The final Lord of the Rings film was a film of epic proportions.  Peter Jackson definitely made his legacy with these films.  So much love and hard work went into these.  This I think the most emotional one, and has some of the most epic battle sequences ever filmed.  This was a class act and a hell of a way to end the series.  I love taking a whole day and watching these films all in a row.  It usually happens at least once a year.

36_ Almost Famous – September 15, 2000

This is probably my favorite film centered around music EVER.  Cameron Crowe does an exceptional job at directing this film which I believe is sort of his autobiography where he is the kid reporter.  all the characters in this film are strangely likable and never once does it let up from being an amazing film.  Tons of music references and great cameos riddle this film throughout.  Some great music listening to and how cute is Kate Hudson in this film.  Ahhhh Penny Lane.

35_ The Rules of Attraction – October 11, 2002

I believe I saw this film twice opening day in the theatre.  I was looking forward to this film for so long.  A film directed by Tarantino collaborator, Roger Avary, based on the novel by Brett Easton Ellis, tells the tale of rich asshole college kids during a semester at a Liberal Arts College in the 1980’s.  This is a very dark comedy and is shot very Kubrick-ian.  Even the trailer was an homage to the A Clockwork Orange trailer.  It stars tons of teen idols for its time, but do they do a great job of being twisted and insane.  Love this film.  Everything about it.  Basically a very very sadistic animal House type movie.

34_ A History of Violence – September 23, 2005

This is a hardcore violent film about a family man played by Aragorn from Lord of the Rings who has blocked out his past life and cannot quite remember who he was.  He only knows who he is now.  Which is a loving normal family man in a small town.  But when people start showing up form his past looking for him, he starts to realize who he really is.  A mafia hit man.  This movie rocked and kept me on my toes.  A true piece of entertainment from Cronenberg.

33_ Juno – December 5, 2007

A lovely film by Ivan Reitman’s son, Jason Reitman, about a highschool girl who becomes pregnant.  A  former stripper wrote the screenplay by the name of Diablo Cody who won the oscar for her screenplay for this film.  Juno, played by the wonderful Ellen Page is so lovable in this film and suck a delightful smart-ass.  I think the relationships and interactions  between all the characters were extraordinary and the dialogue was some of the best dialogue in the past few years.  I love this movie.

32_ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – December 25, 2008

Fight Club/Se7en director, David Fincher makes his finest film yet with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  I saw this film on Christmas Day, and just truly loved it.  It is so tragic and yet so happy.  Brad Pitt does an amazing job as well as Cate Blanchett.  What a cool story of a boy born as a 92 year old boy and ages backwards.  The FX in this film are top notch.  I never quite understood the Hurricane Katrina undertone, but a true gem of a film non-the-less.  It was pretty heart-breaking as well.  I love showing new faces to this film.

31_ Donnie Darko October 26, 2001

I think I have seen this film over 150 times and it never gets old.  I love time travel films.  And this is one of the best time travel movies EVER.  Everything about this film is smart and makes you think about it for the next few days.  I love it when movies do that.  This is part time travel, part horror, part comedy, and part super-hero all rolled into one film.  If you have not seen this film, drop what you are doing, and see this movie immediately. Great soundtrack from Tears For Fears, and top notch acting from Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Patrick Swayze, and Drew Barrymore. This movie is a modern classic.

Stay tuned for the next part of the list.  Getting close to the number 1 spot.

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