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The Green Lantern Trailer became available last night over the internet.  DC Comics must be proud.  I have been looking forward to a Green Lantern film for some time now.  And I think Ryan Reynolds is the perfect person to pull it off.

Now, sadly, who ever made up this trailer, did not do a very good job with it.  It makes the film look goofy and silly which it should be anything but.  Green Lantern is one of the coolest super-heroes out there.  Some of my friends who have already read the script have told me that the script is not goofy or silly of any sorts.  Just Super Cool.  As it should be.

The trailer as a whole looks BADASS, but it is cut in such a way, that it looks like it will be loopy.  Let us hope it will not be.  I do not think it will, but i will be upset if it is.

Click HERE for the beautiful Quicktime trailer or watch the youtube version below.


By Bryan Kluger

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