Geek Deal of the Day Part 1: Red Dwarf

by Gumbercules9000 on Nov 10th, 2010

An awesome BBC series is part of today’s Geek Deals.  I really enjoyed this show.  It was quite funny.  I love when whole DVD box sets become deals of the day.  so much AWESOMENESS for your buck all thanks to Amazon.

Chicken soup machine repairman and intergalactic loser Dave Lister awakes from suspended animation to discover he is the lone survivor of a radiation leak and is now three million years into deep space and the last surviving member of the human race. Dave is soon joined by a hologram of his dead bunkmate, a life-form who’s evolved from his pet cat, and a neurotic sanitation mechanoid. Together this unlikely bunch of heroes attempt to find their way back to Earth, under the guidance of Holly, the ship’s senile computer, encountering a whole heap of smeg on the way.

You will get every single episode on 18 discs.

Extras include:

  • Every episode on 18 discs
  • Lost and Xtended episodes
  • Cast commentary on every episode
  • Documentary accompanying each series
  • Deleted scenes
  • Smeg ups
  • Rare cast and crew interviews
  • “Dwarfing USA” – the truth behind the US pilot
  • Featurettes
  • Original trailers and promos
  • Audio book chapters
  • “Dave Hollins” radio sketches
  • Raw FX footage
  • Isolated music cues
  • Photo galleries
  • Collector’s booklet for each series
  • Hidden Easter eggs and more

It is 70% off today making it only $59.99.

Hell of  a deal.  Stock up on holiday gifts or for yourself by clicking the link picture below to take advantage of the great offer.

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