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Here is a HILARIOUS video that some dude made collecting scenes from Nic Cage movies where Nic Cage loses his shit and goes crazy.  Damn this is funny.  It is all set to the beautiful haunting song, Lux Aterna which you might remember from the film, Requiem for a Dream.

Enjoy this hilarious video.

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Movie Quotes

Ken Hutchinson:
What do you hear on the street these days, Huggy?
Huggy Bear:
Dig this. A little bird tells me there's gonna be a big coke deal in Bay City. One for the Guinness books. So they say.
David Starsky:
Interesting. Who would this little bird be?
Huggy Bear:
Look man. I lay it out for y'all to play it out.
David Starsky:
All right. What does that mean?
Ken Hutchinson:
Don't worry about it.
Starsky & Hutch (2004) The Movie Quotes