You know you have nothing going on tomorrow night so how about getting out into the cool weather and head to Dyer Street Bar in Dallas, TX and catch a kick-ass show of Burlesque, Comedy, and Vaudeville.

Come see performers known around the world as:

Femme Vivre LaRouge: The Dionysian Delight!

Charlie Tips, the Coney Island Scoundrel!

Divertida Devotchka (aka DD!)

Vinny Velour, all the way from Denton!

Ava Nightingale (back for seconds!)

the debut performance of Cybil Vain!

$10 at the Door

Where: Dyer Street Bar – 5529 Dyer Street, Dallas, Tx 75206-5001
When: 10/05/10 – 8pm – 10pm – $10 cover

Visit Femme Vivre LaRouge’s site HERE.

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