There is a new boss of Men in Black 3 and they are…..

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 1st, 2010

Men in Black 3 starts shooting soon and there is a new cast mate that was added.  The great Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility and Love Actually) will lend her talent to the sequel.  She will be playing the new boss of MIB.  This was originally played by the great Rip Torn, but as recent months have shown, he has gone bat shit crazy, and the powers that will be think it is too risky to hire him.  Which they are right to do so.

I think Emma Thompson will be a great replacement and addition to this cast.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be returning as well as Barry Sonnenfeld to direct.

Add to that cast Josh Brolin and Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and you got yourself one hell of a movie.  Brolin will play a younger Tommy Lee Jones character and Jermaine will be the villain of the movie.

Looking forward to this.

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