Marvel Comics Will Get the Tron Treatment…

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 20th, 2010

Since Disney bought Marvel all those months ago, it is only right that Marvel will get to use the Disney brand of Tron in their comics.

Just like last Halloween, a lot of Marvel titles had alternate variant covers featuring Zombies.  Such as the cover for an Amazing Spider-Man issue would have Spidey as a zombie on the front cover.  You can see what those look like and purchase them HERE.

Well in anticipation for the upcoming release of the Tron sequel, “Tron: Legacy” Marvel is using their new ownership to riddle their titles and covers with Tron-Esque artwork.  And they look BADASS.

Here is a list of what they will be:

• AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #651 TRON Variant, featuring Spider-Man

• AVENGERS #7 TRON Variant. featuring Spider-Woman

• AVENGERS ACADEMY #7 TRON Variant, featuring Quicksilver

• CAPTAIN AMERICA #612 TRON Variant, featuring Captain America

• INCREDIBLE HULKS #618 TRON Variant, featuring Ghost Rider

• INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #33 TRON Variant, featuring Iron Man

• NEW AVENGERS #7 TRON Variant, featuring Ms. Marvel

• SECRET AVENGERS #7 TRON Variant, featuring Moon Knight

• THOR #617 TRON Variant, featuring Thor

• WOLVERINE #4 TRON Variant, featuring Wolverine

These all will be released from November through December.  Be sure to check the Boomstick Comics Store by clicking HERE to purchase these variant covers.

Below are what the covers will look like.

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