Cowdefender here,

To put it bluntly and briefly: the movie often bored me, was often shot uglier than expected and had one scene that was nearly perfect. I don’t know what to make a movie that seems so flawed that has a single scene so touching, so well executed.

There was a lot of frustration watching this for me. The first scene was of a tropical paradise but the the camera work seemed off. You could tell that the scenery was beautiful but it was hard to see the beauty. The hues, color saturation, focus all seemed off. I really didn’t enjoy Eat.Pray.Love but they did a great job of shooting paradise. This movie didn’t. The tsunami was also off. The water effects were top notch, but collapsing trees and floating vehicles all looked like late 1990s cg. It’s a shame because it was a very well realized fun scene, with a sprinkling of too fakey looking effects.

Much of the film was understated and calm. The characters were well developed. But the film dragged. There were some good scenes, good exchanges, but quite a bit of boredom.

But as I said earlier: there was a perfect scene. I teared up.

Despite that scene: 4/10

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