Weekend Events in Dallas Part 3

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 17th, 2010

Midnight Movie

This weekend at the midnight movie event at the Inwood Theatre in Dallas, the great cult classic “Easy Rider” will be shown in all its glory.  This movie stars Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper.  Check it out at midnight with screenings on Friday night and Saturday night.


Pizza Hut park in Frisco is throwing a Party in the park this weekend.  Scheduled to perform are KISS and Texas favorite Pat Green.  Festivities start at 7:00pm on Saturday.


Festivities start Saturday at 10:00am.  Celebrate German food, beer and entertainment at this 23rd annual event, which breaks out the steins a couple of days earlier than the original in Deutschland. Gustatory highlights at Addison’s four-day celebration of German culture include a variety of Bavarian dishes; a Bier Garten for cold ones (Spaten and Franziskaner Weissbier); a VIP full-service dining experience offering a $45 three-course menu showcasing German specialties; and new this year, the Blüfeld Lounge, featuring tastings of Blüfeld riesling, from Germany’s Mosel Valley, and the SportHalle, billed as an authentic Munich beer hall with a Texas twist. The indoor SportHalle will feature traditional German food and beverages, beer and wine educational seminars and big-screen sports and entertainment. Then there are the other gazillion activities that add to the stature of the Addison fest: the German Idol yodeling competition, bier-barrel bowling and rolling, the dachshund parade and races, arts and crafts, a pretzel hunt and live music.


The convention starts Saturday at 9:00am and goes to midnight.  The guests of honor at this annual science fiction and fantasy gathering will include notable personalities in the sci-fi field as well as a virtual appearance (through the Internet) by author Spider Robinson (The Lifehouse Trilogy; The Stardance Trilogy, which he wrote with his late wife, Jeanne Robinson; and other books). The event, produced by the Dallas Future Society, includes filk music (folk music with a science fiction or fantasy twist), an art show, children’s activities, gaming and a costume contest.  FenCon is a literary science fiction and fantasy convention with quite a lot of filk programming, some science programming, an outstanding collection of guests, an art show, a charity auction, a short story contest, a writers workshop, and members like you.

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