Inception Blu-Ray Details

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 3rd, 2010

Info is starting to trickle out about the Blu-Ray release of the amazing film “Inception”.  Now the U.K. has a release date of December 6th for “Inception” which means at any point now Warner Bros. will announce the U.S.A. release.  Judging by the U.K. release, The Blu-ray will come with the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack plus a digital copy.  Then also a limited edition briefcase like the one they carry throughout the movie.  Blade Runner did this with their Hi-Def release and it is Out of Print already and is all sorts of BADASS!  The briefcase edition comes with the above mentioned discs plus art cards from the movie, a booklet and the toy spinning top from the film.  Also a standard regular dvd release is expected.  Hopefully we in the U.S.A will get something like this or better.  No word on extras yet.  Briefcase Edition here I come.  I can’t help myself.

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