Black Panther is debuting very soon and in 3 short months, we will witness Infinity War on the big screen, which is the culmination of all 18 Marvel movies that came before it. I love the Marvel movies, at a minimum they get how to entertain and present their characters in the most appealing way possible. I’m sure that Black Panther will have an incredible moment or two and without a doubt the spectacle that Infinity War HAS to be will present us with some memorable scenes. Until then I figured I would share my 10 Favorite Moments from the MCU so far.

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Hello Everyone, Janet W. here…

Below are my Top 10 Best Films and Top 3 Worst Films of 2017 that I was either blessed or, in some cases, annoyed to screen, 24 in all. Feedback is encouraged whether you agree, disagree, think I’m nuts (I am a little crazy), or if you think of a film that I reviewed which should have been included. Here you go:

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Top 10 Game of Thrones Episodes Thus Far!

by Bryan Kluger on Jun 27th, 2017

Dan M., here….


We are 3 weeks away from Game of Thrones and I have been playing catch up with some of my favorite episodes from the series. Naturally, this turned into a debate with some friends about which episodes are the “best” so I decided to rank my favorite 10 episodes ever. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Ryan Gosling Scenes in Movies!

by Bryan Kluger on Mar 17th, 2017

Audrey E., here….

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 9.59.40 AM

Ryan Gosling is a true patron for the arts. Proof of this can not only be found in his selective partaking in films with telling characters, but also in his accomplished side projects. There’s his under-appreciated dark wave and gothic indie band, Dead Man’s Bones, and we can’t forget his courageous 2014 directorial debut in the fantasy drama, Lost River. He’s come a long way from his humble beginnings as a Mouseketeer on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, and despite the pressure from Hollywood to keep up appearances, Ryan concentrates on staying true to himself and what matters most: his art. Today I’ve put together a list of my Top 10 favorite Ryan Gosling performances in film and why this talented Canadian, a true 21st century James Dean, is more than meets the eye.

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Here’s the Top 10 Music Films!

by Bryan Kluger on Jul 7th, 2016

Jonathan A., here…


Ah, the timeless combination of film and music. The two have been married since the earliest days of film, all the way back to Don Juan in 1926, which starred the uber-hunky mustachioed John Barrymore and was the first film to include a synchronized musical score.  In fact, the first “talkie” film was 1927’s “The Jazz Singer,” which included a number of quaint musical performances and even a truly and horrifically inappropriate blackface sequence.  However, today we aren’t just here to discuss soundtracks, but rather to shine a spotlight on the movies where music is a main (if not THE main) theme throughout the film.

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Epic List Of The Top 10 Road Trip Flicks!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jul 3rd, 2016

Hey guys, Jana here,


Summer means a lot to me, there’s baseball, which I waxed pretty poetic about in last week’s Top 10 Baseball Movies post. There’s fishing, the fourth of July, a multi-colored tongue from Otter Pops, and the all important road trip. Your trip can be a short jaunt to the lake or it can be a days long event that usually culminates in an epic destination – Wally World, anyone? Whether you trip on your own, with your friends or with your family, there’s something wonderful about having a full tank of gas, a stereo full of tunes and the open road in front of you. Depending on who you’re with it can either feel like a hostage situation or a relaxing break from the weekly drag. Most good road trips feel like a bit of both, not to mention the longing for the comfort that is your home toilet.

I’m gonna count down my top 10 movies that feature a road trip. Strap in, kick on the A/C and let the lull of the road below you relaxes your worries. This was not an easy list to winnow down to only 10 with a few honorable mentions. I left off the obvious ‘Thelma and Louise‘, they’re best friends, they kill someone and drive off a cliff. Yeah, I didn’t give you a spoiler alert there because if you haven’t seen this movie by now, you were never going to. Some road trip movies are better than others and we had differing opinions from each other making this list. So read along and tell me where we agree or disagree or what I’ve left out.

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Hey guys, Jana here,

PicMonkey Collage

Summer time means a million things to different people, but some things we can all agree on. Cook outs, swimming, catching lightning bugs, camping and baseball. It’s just as pure as mom’s apple pie and the star spangled banner and every spring, a new season swings into action and a new hope is born for your team to be a contender and play through October. The national past time has been the basis for a lot of movies and I’m making some sense of them all with my Top 10 favorite baseball movies.

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Top 10 Summer Camps From Film I Want To Attend!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on May 25th, 2016

Hey guys, Jana here,

PicMonkey Collage

School’s out, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and it’s about the time of year for parents to begin shipping their kids off to various summer camps. Some focus on fun, some are faith-based, others make the focal point anything from acting to sports, I even think there’s a chess camp. Talk about some trouble-makers! Woo-hoo and shit.  No matter where your interests lie, there’s a camp for that. Some of the greatest camps I’ve wanted to attend are all fictional and brought to us by both big and small screens. I’m going to give you a run down of what I think the top 10 summer camps from films are, then you can argue with me if you have better suggestions.

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WWE: Top 10 Opening Matches in Wrestlemania History!

by Bryan Kluger on Feb 9th, 2016

Mike P., Here…


We are officially on the road to Wrestlemania 32. To kick off Wrestlemania Season, we will be rolling out a series of top-ten Wrestlemania moments over the next few weeks. As this is our first week, it’s only fitting that we begin with the top ten opening matches in Wrestlemania history.

Quick disclaimer: I won’t be ranking any of the Money in the Bank ladder matches here, as those constitute a separate list.

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Beka Perlstein’s TOP 10/WORST 3 MOVIES OF 2015!

by Bryan Kluger on Dec 29th, 2015

Beka P., Here…


I got to see a ton of movies this year, and out of the ones I’ve seen, these are my favorite ten and the worst three that I saw all year. Let me know if you agree or don’t. Enjoy.

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Top 10 Soundtracks We Want To See Released on Vinyl!

by Bryan Kluger on Mar 13th, 2015

Hi everyone, Bryan Here…


Many of you might already know that I love listening to movie soundtracks. I always have. Since I was a little tyke who could barely see over a counter, I was infatuated with movie scores and soundtracks, particularly the ‘E.T.‘ original motion picture score and the ‘Beverly Hill Cop‘ soundtrack. From there, my love and passion grew for all types of music. My parents had a pretty good record collection that included all three original ‘Star Wars’ albums, ‘The Wizard of Oz‘, and ‘Star Trek I and II’ to just name a few. Throughout the years, I now have a fun record collection that spans all genres of music from Frank Zappa to Rage Against the Machine, from R.L. Burnside to The Pixies, and so on. Along the way, digging through the dirty stacks of crates at local record shops and estate sales, I became hell bent on having one of the best Soundtrack collections. And over the past several years, I’ve been lucky enough to acquire some very sought after albums. But there are still so many soundtracks that have never found their way to vinyl, either commercially or ever really. So here is a list in the hopes that maybe Varèse Sarabande, Mondo, or Death Waltz will consider releasing these albums in the near future.

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Paul N., Here…


Hello ladies! Look at your man, now back to me – whoops, sorry about that. As you know, it’s Valentine’s Day once again. And as this overly-commercialized excuse for a holiday rears its ugly head, we take a reflective look back at our lives and at the choices we’ve made concerning our relationships. Some of you will realize that maybe the gap-toothed ex-con biker named “Bubba” might not have been the best choice for a mate (“but he’s a real sweetheart once you get to know him!”). Unfortunately, now you’re “in like Flynn” with his whole clique, and before you know it, you’re drinking homemade moonshine with the rest of his recently released buddies in the middle of backwoods nowhere (if you hear banjos – run). That isn’t to say that everyone makes bad decisions. Some women seem to have a gift for finding the right people to surround themselves with – or have a real knack for how to handle the bad apples that come along – and that can make all the difference between a smooth sailing adventure and a total train wreck experience.

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Paul N., Here…


I am not claiming that all of the following movies are cinematic works of art. Some of these films might be considered mediocre at best. However, they do all have one thing in common; all of them suffer from having that one scene that takes audiences out of the moment and makes them groan in disbelief.  This list includes movies that were meant to be taken seriously. So over-the-top comedies and machismo action flicks will not be found as they are created with the intent of being ridiculous.

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Hey guys, Jana here,



In the world of film, there are specific genres that stand out for me and one of those is war movies. I love different titles for a variety of reasons, the story, or even an actor, in this category there is one primary theme that ties each film together – heroes. Their outstanding courage is what gives us that lump in our throats and a swell of patriotic pride that causes us to lift these characters, real or imagined, to elevated heights. It takes a special kind of person to be a hero, I know I couldn’t do it, but I am eternally grateful for the men and women that take up that mantle and defend the lives and freedoms I hold so dearly.

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Top 10 Books That Need To Become Movies!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jan 10th, 2015

Hey guys, Jana here,


I love to be entertained, whether it’s watching a great movie, ballgame, series, listening to Led Zeppelin or reading a book, I always have at least two of them going at once. Reading gets a lot of time and attention from me, so it stands to reason that I would have a list of favorite books, not just favorites that I love to read, but favorite titles that should be given the big screen treatment.

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Top 10 List of Reboots We Don’t Want To See!!

by Bryan Kluger on Aug 8th, 2014

Paul N., Here…


Like Bill Murray once said, “he’s got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.” You might have thought he was talking about a weather-predicting rodent, but no, he was actually talking about studio executives (the “he” is collective). Hollywood, like any business, is in it to make money. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they choose to rehash tried and true film formulas over and over again rather than take a chance on something new. While this is understandable (albeit infuriating), it doesn’t excuse the idea that EVERYTHING deserves to be re-made. Some films, like priceless art, should never be re-made and re-sold. Every time a classic film gets re-made, audiences hold their collective breaths and hope that it won’t be a straight shot in “the feels” (that nostalgic part of your brain that remembers, with fondness, all your pop culture favorites).

Michael “explosion” Bay is releasing his latest bastardization of 80’s culture unto the world in the shape of the beloved “heroes in a half shell”. In case you haven’t been following, this has been one cluster mess after another. From alien origins to white-washed villains, this movie begs the questions: “does Michael Bay hate the 80’s? Did he have some traumatically horrific experience with toys when he was a kid? Why does he have to take a giant dump on our collective fond memories time after time?”  Read the rest of this entry »

The Top 10 Perfectly Cast Movie Roles!!

by Bryan Kluger on Jul 18th, 2014

Paul N., Here…


Top Ten Perfectly Cast Roles 

The Bard of Avon said it best, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Some actors are great, and shine in everything they do (Leonardo DiCaprio, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis). Some actors are smart enough to pick roles that best use their limited skill sets (Keanu Reeves). This list takes a look at the perfect pairing of actor and role. In this list, you will find a pairing of actor and role so great that the actor ceases to be themselves and instead makes the character take on a life of its own. These pairings are so uniquely theirs that you can’t imagine anyone else taking their place should Hollywood have the audacity to try.

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Top 10 List: The 10 Most American Movies!!

by Bryan Kluger on Jul 4th, 2014

Paul N., Here…


It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate the founding of this nation by eating excessively and purchasing enough fireworks to create man-sized craters in the pavement. In honor of this time, here’s a list of the most ‘Murican movies ever. This isn’t a list of patriotic movies (though some of these could be seen as patriotic), so you aren’t going to see Saving Private Ryan or other true patriotic movies on here. This list focuses on those things that make America into ‘Murica – extreme excess and over-the-top…well, everything! [Cue eagle screech]

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The Top 10 Gangster Movie List!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jan 19th, 2014

Jana B. here,



Some girls are all into sappy romances or heart touchingly saccharine-sweet movies. Movies that sometime contain a troubled family learning to love a curmudgeonly, absent  grandparent, or a shattered family recovering from the death of one of its immediate member. Sometimes it’s a pet that waltzes, unexpectedly, into a tumultuous atmosphere that teaches everyone to love more before it’s killed in some unimaginative way.

I hate movies like that. I hate books like that and I hate songs like that. If a member of a family is killed, it better be a mafia family, and I get to look forward to their violent, bloody and evil retribution.  I am so fascinated by the inner workings of these ‘families’. I love to see the fronts they use to launder their income and imagine ways I would do it if I was involved.


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Fernando’s Top 10 Movie List of 2013!!!

by Bryan Kluger on Dec 29th, 2013

Fernando M., Here…


Well folks, it was quite a year at the cinema.  After totaling everything up, I was lucky enough to watch 35 films in theaters.  There’s some great films that I missed, and some that I avoided like the plague, but out of those that I did catch, here’s the best of 2013.

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Hi, Bryan Here…..


Mondo has only released a handful of soundtracks on vinyl since they first opened online, but this year they are hitting the ground full force with releasing more amazing movie soundtracks on the best quality format to listen to music. So far this year we have had ‘Poltergeist‘, ‘The Deadly Spawn‘, and the recent ‘Drive‘ soundtrack, which sold out in record time in under 30 minutes. And just this past week, they sold out of their newest soundtrack, ‘Oblivion‘, which has an amazing score. The cover artwork is amazing and the sound is even better with their releases. Mondo clearly knows what they’re doing when it comes to art and soundtracks.

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The Top 10 Werewolf Films!!!

by Bryan Kluger on Oct 1st, 2012

Hi, Bryan Here….

October is here, and that means Halloween is around the corner.  Over the course of October, we will be doing our favorite top 10 horror lists.  We are starting with the top 10 Werewolf films.  I’ve always been a fan of werewolves, and I admit, I have also been deeply afraid of them.  There is something so mysterious and yet so vicious and magical about a werewolf that draws me into any and all films that have something to do with werewolves.  So I present to you, Boomstick’s top 10 Werewolf films. Enjoy.

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Bryan’s Top 10 Films of 2011!!!

by Bryan Kluger on Dec 29th, 2011

Hi Bryan Here…

We’re here at that time again.  The end of the year.  And thus, here is my list of my top 10 movies of 2011.  Now these are films I saw in the theatre or at home that came out in the year 2011.  I have seen several films already that won’t come out until 2012, but those will have to wait till next year at this time.  There were tons of great films that came out this year.  It was a hard year to narrow down.  I usually pick my top 10, by going through the entire list of releases throughout the entire year and then writing all the ones  really liked down.  Then the narrowing process begins.  Now my Top 10 list will probably be way different then most others you will see.  I tend to chose films for my list that I thoroughly enjoy time and time again rather than ones that might win awards at the big shows.  Without further delay here is my Top 10 films for 2011.

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Hi Bryan Here…

It is finally here.  The final ten films of the list.  The top ten films of the decade.  It was blast making this list and remembering all those memories of seeing the movies for the first time.  It makes me want to watch a lot of them again.  These top 10 films were extremely difficult to place, but alas it was accomplished.  I hope you enjoy the finished list.  As usual, you will get the title of the film, the release date, a mini review and synopsis by yours truly, and a link to purchase the movie over at amazon for a good price.  Feel free to leave comments of your lists or to disagree or agree with mine.

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Bryan’s Top Ten Movies of 2010 List!!!

by Bryan Kluger on Jan 4th, 2011

Hi Bryan Here…

I have my list of my favorite films of 2010.  I did not get out as much this year to see movies as previous years, but rest assured this 2011 year, i will try to see almost everything.  So I have my top 10 favorites with some runners up and some of the most awful films of 2010 to tickle your fancy.  Enjoy.

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by Bryan Kluger on Oct 4th, 2010

Here we are in the Top 100 films of the last decade.  There are some great titles on here.  Enjoy.  As usual, there is the movie title name along with the date it was released, a mini review/memory of the film and a link that takes you to AMAZON where you can purchase the flick for a great price.

100_ Signs – August 2, 2002

I really enjoyed this Alien film from M. Night.  Total Hitchcockian throughout.  That scene with the alien stuck in the pantry of and Mel Gibson tries to get a glimpse of it with the  reflection of a butcher knife is so tense.  If aliens do come to Earth, hopefully they are not hostile.  A very good solid alien film.  Very tense.

99_ Garden State – July 28, 2004

Zach Braff shows the world he is a very talented director, not just a comedic tv actor.  This film has tons of heart and soul in it.  You really feel for the characters. Nothing is forced and it moves along nicely.  Natalie Portman is so lovely in this film. The soundtrack is one of the best of the decade as well. Go Shins.  I wish more films were like this. I look forward to more directorial efforts from Braff.

98_ A Serious Man – October 2, 2009

The latest film from The Coen Bros.  A very dark comedy.  The story follows a Jewish man who has a family, a job, and everything else but respect.  Everyone shits on him.  I can say that if you are NOT jewish or you do not have any jewish friends then you most likely wont get a lot of the film, but this film is hilarious.  This is suppose to be the Coen Bros. Biopic piece about themselves growing up.  I can relate.  Pretty funny.  A must see.

97_ Dawn of the Dead – March 19, 2004

The only complaint I had about this film is that I wish it wasn’t called Dawn of the Dead, which tells people it is a remake of the Romero classic.  It is not, although same story line in a way, but no.  This zombie thriller is BALLS TO THE WALL awesome.  It has got some of the best deaths, chills, and survival scenarios ever.  The scene where they shoot zombies that look like famous people is priceless.  Love this film.  Go James Gunn and Zach Snyder.  Some of the best head shots in cinema history.

96_ Match Point – January 20, 2006

Another Woody Allen film.  This marks the first in a set of films that Woody filmed in England.  This certainly does not play out like a typical Woody Allen film.  It is not funny whatsoever.  It is a serious drama.  So well played out and acted and directed and written.  Everything really.  This film follows a young man who meets a girl from a wealthy family.  The family takes him in as one of their own, buying him and their daughter a house and getting him the job of a lifetime.  This guy has a long affair with the beautiful Scarlett Johanssen.  When our main character wants to break off the affair he does so by murder.  What a film.  A must see.

95_ Hard Candy – April 14, 2006

What a brutal film this was.  A young Ellen Paige is the star in this film.  I literally had the flop sweats when I saw this in the theatre because I was so tense.  Wheww.  Just thinking about it gives me shivers.  Tons of twists and turns in this film. I do not want to give anything away, but seriously….see this film.  It will make you sweat.

94_ Super Troopers – February 16, 2001

Broken Lizards first feature film hit the jackpot and changed our lives forever with the immediate cult icon Officer Rod Farva.  This film follows the Highway patrol team and their hilarious antics with civilians.  People still today quote this film and will for some time.  I remember laughing out loud in the theatre for fifteen minutes straight at the biker line.  If you like comedy, then get off your ass and see this film if you have not already.  You will love it.

93_ Best In Show – September 29, 2000

A wonderful mockumentary from Chris Guest about Dog Shows and the people who take their dogs there.  We all know these types of people.  Dog People.  And it is all sorts of funny to watch all of their worlds crumble.  Oh the nut rant is prime.  This is dry humor at its best and your gut will hurt from all the laughter throughout the film. Stellar performaces all around.  More please.

92_ Fahrenheit 9/11 – June 23, 2004

An amazing documentary about the 9/11 attacks and the events leading up to it and all the questions we had about it.  We just didn’t know the truth, but we do now, and it was not pretty.  Michael Moore was the first to show us the truth on this.  This documentary will anger you and make you laugh and cry.  This is what I think is the start of the fall of George W. Bush.  You see who he really is in this film.  Go M.M.

91_ Black Snake Moan – March 2, 2007

I really did enjoy this little film.  I believe this film was loosely based on the great blues legend R.L. Burnside’s life.  It definitely has the great music to back it up.  Sam Jackson plays a old genuine God Fearing man who comes across a beaten up tramp played by the gorgeous Christina Ricci and takes her in to his home to get her well.  She was left for dead.  She gets all better and Sam Jackson chains her to his heater and he aims to cure her of her wickedness and make her a better person.  It is really good.  See it.

90_ Grindhouse – April 6, 2007

Oh yes. Tarantino and Rodriguez pay homage to the 70’s grindhouse experience by making a double feature of badassery, exploitation, and violence.  An allstar cast in both films.  One film deals with zombies and the other film deals with a crazed killer in a kick ass car.  The soundtrack is out of this world.  If you want to get a group of your friends together and pound a ton of beer and eat tons of junk food, then put this double feature on and enjoy the hell out of it.  So much fun.  I look forward to another double feature in the future from these two brilliant filmmakers.  Thank you for giving me this pleasure.

88_ Thirst – July 31, 2009

A really fantastic Korean Vampire film from the director of OLDBOY.  I like this one so much for its way of showing you every aspect of being a vampire and the guilt it causes and your need to feed.  More vampire films like this.  This director is amazing.  Not too much gore but just enough.

87_ Burn After Reading – September 12, 2008

I loved this Coen Brothers comedy.  Not a lot of people did.  It grows on you.  It is a comedy dram about the US government.  Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, and John Malkovich.  If you liked Big Lebowski, you will like this film.  Tons of laughs.

86_ Night Watch – February 17, 2006

The first film in this Russion Horror trilogy.  This film is pretty epic and I believe is the biggest budget film Russia has ever done.  There are shape shifters, ghosts, murders, robots, monsters, vampires and much much more.  The visuals are stunning.  I highly recommend these films.  Classic Good vs. Evil here.

85_ Sin City – April 1, 2005

Finally the comic book of hardcore comes to the big screen.  I love these comics and the fact that Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino brought in Frank Miller to make this shows me just how brilliant they are in filmmaking.  Pretty much shot for shot and the same dialogue as the comic.  It is beautiful.  I love this modern Noir style.  Mickey Rourke as Marv is genius.  This is gruesome, funny and action packed.  Brittany Murphy does a stellar job in this too.  Cannot wait for the rest of the comics in comic book form.

Click HERE for #’s 133-120
Click HERE for #’s 120-101

Top 133 Films of the Last Decade (#119 – #101)

by Bryan Kluger on Sep 30th, 2010

After this section of the list we will be at the top 100 films of the last decade.  So many great films on this list.   Like last time, you will get the title of the movie, the year it was released, and a brief memory and review of the film.  Plus, a link to purchase the movie over at AMAZON for a great price.

Enjoy #’s 119 – 101.

119_ House of 1000 Corpses – April 11, 2003

The much anticipated Rob Zombie Horror film.  This film went through so much hell to get released.  It took about two years.  But finally it did.  Rob Zombie showed me that he had what it takes to be a director and he also showed his love of horror films.  Captain Spaulding is forever a great character in cinema history now.  This film is brutal, hilarious, bloody, and all out crazy.  Go Rob!  Look out for a young Rainn Wilson.

118_ Boiler Room – February 18, 2000

What a great story about an illegal stock broking firm.  This movie made me       re-think about those pesky sales calls.  Great performances from Giovanni Ribisi and Nicky Katt.  Kick ass soundtrack too.  i love the Ben Affleck speeches in this movie to motivate these young kids to steal people’s money.  I would imagine this film hits close to home for some people.

117_ Love Actually – November 7, 2003

The ultimate romantic comedy that does not fail anywhere.  I love watching this film.  Not only is it filled with love and comedy, it is filled with drama and hurt.  The best of both worlds really.  All-star cast with cameo appearances by tons of people including Mr. Bean.  If you want a great wonderful feel good movie, then watch this.

116_ Grizzly Man – December 5, 2005

What a horrifying documentary about a man who lives with the grizzly bears illegally in Alaska for a decade.  Now don’t get me wrong, I laughed a lot in this doc, but ultimately it is a tragic tale.  You meet Timothy Treadwell who appears normal and has an unhealthy fascination with bears.  His problem is that he thinks they are like humans.  Throughout the doc you seem him descent into literal madness where he will never escape which leads to his and his girlfriend’s death.  Werner Herzog does a great job with the footage that he is given.  A must-see.  i just think Timothy’s downfall was that he did not understand nature or the chaos that nature is.  You will see it.  Remember the bee he thought was dead?

115_ Ong Bak 2 – October – 23, 2009

The follow up to the bad ass thai martial arts film Ong Bak starring Tony Jaa who is the ultimate badass.  No stunt wires or special effects either in this film.  Jaa is Bruce Lee times 1000.  Ong Bak not only stars Jaa but is also directed by him.  The fight scenes are beautiful and the direction is beautiful. I just want more Tony Jaa films.  Please. Now.

114_ The Mist – November 21, 2007

Stephen King’s amazing book gets the proper treatment from Frank Darabont.  I loved this adaptation.  This film really did creep me out.  If something like this really happened, you better believe some fanatics would come out and start some crazy shit and not help the situation at hand which is that terrifying monsters are trying to eat us.  Loved the ending.  Also the B &W version on the dvd is great as well.

113_ Sicko – June 29, 2007

Another great documentary from Michael Moore.  This man knows what he is talking about.  I do believe we need a better healthcare system in this country and what we have now is not working and has not worked.  This film is NOT about people WITHOUT healthcare, but rather about people WITH healthcare who DON’T get help because of the insurance companies.  It is heartbreaking and funny and very informative.  I think everyone should see this documentary.

112_ The Devil’s Rejects – July 22, 2005

The follow up to Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses which plays out more like Natural Born Killers than a Music Video Horror Film.  I loved this film.  So much fun and uber uber violent.  I think this film still holds the record for most curse words. I really root for the bad guys in this film, because in essence they are a family doing what they do best.  Once again Rob Zombie makes a brilliant piece of Horror cinema to last forever.  Great dialogue that will make you gut bust laugh.

111_ Azumi – May 10, 2003

A badass Japenese flick about a samurai girl who fights evil in her land.  Move starts off with her in a samurai school and the last test before “graduation is her and her classmates have to fight to the death.  Who ever survives gets to graduate.  HARDCORE!  There is a very creepy gender confused villain in this film which makes for much delight.  Also the fight between Azumi and about 1000 people is epic.  The camera work is top notch.  See Azumi.

110_ Zero Day – January 23, 2004

Oh man this film is crazy.  Based on the shootings at Columbine, this film is made to look like a handheld camera documentary of  the lives of two friends in high school who plan to kill as many people at their high school as they can.  And they DO.  It is like Blair Witch/Cloverfield but with the Columbine Shootings subject matter.  It is very frightening.  Tons of insight as to why the Columbine might have happened.  This film rocks and if you can find it, WATCH IT.

109_ Shrek – May 18, 2001

This series has made tons of money and Shrek and Donkey have become cult characters forever.  This is on the list because of its wit, humor, and story.  Very original.  I loved theis film is not only for kids but adults of all ages.  Which means it works on all levels.  I just wish the third film could have been good.

108_ Ali – December 28, 2001

This film makes the list strictly for it’s acting from Will Smith, John Voight, and Jamie Foxx.  I did not particularly like the direction at all, but the acting is unbelievable.  Some of the best.

107_ Hellboy – April 2, 2004

Oh Hellboy, one of my favorite characters from comics.  Del Toro did a fantastic job with this film as he does with all of his movies.  The world he created with Hellboy is pure magic.  He can brilliantly mix fear and comedy and make it work.  Kudos to you all.  Ron Pearlman is excellent as Hellboy.  I want more Hellboy films.

106_ The 40 Year Old Virgin – August 19, 2005

The film that brought Judd Apatow and Steve Carrell to fame.  Also the film that redefined the comedy genre with the dick jokes and vulgar bathroom humor.  Not only are the jokes in here great but it also has a wonderful story.  I still quote this film.

105_ Zombieland – October 2, 2009

Zombies and Woody Harrelson amped up to 10 makes for a kick ass fun film.  I really enjoyed this film.  Fast paced, good character development, plenty of guts and gore, and great funny dialogue and possibly the best cameo of the decade is in this film.  All hail B.M.  I hear they are making a sequel to this film.  Also this film starts out in Garland.  Looking forward to more from this director.

104_ Speed Racer – May 9, 2008

The Wachowski siblings bring this cartoon to life in a huge way.  This is the most colorful film I have ever seen.  I think most people disliked this film but I disagree.  I was highly entertained.  This film could have been terrible and been a huge failure, but it was a lot of fun and a high energy thrill ride.  Very enjoyable.

103_ Zodiac – March 2, 2007

A very creepy accurate film of the Zodiac killings which is still unsolved to this day.  Fincher did a great job making this film and all of the characters are spot on.  a quality film in the serial killer genre, possibly one of the best.  Extremely well written.

102_ Spider-Man – May 3, 2002

Sam Raimi brought this beloved comic character to life and is was spectacular.  It was everything I wanted Spider-Man to be.  Even Bruce Campbell was in it.  I can’t speak for the third film, but this fist movie was amazing.  Spot on dialogue delivery and character adaptations and casting was unreal.  This will remain one of the best super hero films ever. Go Sam Raimi.

101_ Behind the Mask – September 14, 2007

A true gem of a film that not many people have seen or heard of.  This film is filmed like a documentary in a world where Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees and Pinhead are real.  The immortal killer in this film is Leslie Vernon.  He comes across as a likable charming guy with a hint of something not right.  This film crew documents him and how he kills his victims and how he is able to vanish quickly from sight and keep track after his next victims.  A whole lot of fun and originality.  Highly recommended.  Loved this film.  I hope to see another film with Leslie Vernon.

That’s it for this part of the list. Stay tuned next time for the next section. Any guesses as to which ones will be on the list?

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