Groucho Marx Biopic In The Works From…Rob Zombie?!?!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jun 18th, 2015

Hey guys, Jana here,


One of the genre’s I adore in film is an excellent biographical depiction. It doesn’t matter who the subject is, I love the truthful way these films are usually made and like seeing the story unfold, event at a time. What struggles they’ve gone through to become who they are, it’s the intimate details that I genuinely crave. A successful biopic depends on the character and quality of its written source material as it’s vital to the core of a project. Such will be the case with the planned Groucho Marx flick.

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Rob Zombie Heads Back to ‘The Devil’s Rejects’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 25th, 2017

Rob Zombie looks to be headed back to his roots by making yet another ‘Devil’s Rejects‘ movie. There are many people reporting about it and it seems has confirmed that his next film after his Groucho Marx movie ‘Raised Eyebrows‘, which I can’t confirm if he’s been filming that for the past few months or not. Zombie though will make another movie in that ‘Devil’s Rejects‘ universe, but it’s still unclear if it will be a sequel or a  prequel to that infamous Firefly family.

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