A Retrospective Look Back at the year 2007 in Movies!

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 20th, 2017

Written by: Dan Moran

It has been a decade since we have had an overwhelmingly great year of movies. There have been some ‘great movies’ for sure, that have been released since 2007, but a collective year of dominance like 2007 hasn’t been experienced in 10 years. We have to start with the films that people still talk about today from 2007. No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, & Zodiac. I mean what a Top 3 for one calendar year!  The closest we got to this was in 2015 when the Top 3 was, Mad Max: Fury Road, Mad Max: Fury Road, & Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Hey guys, Jana here,

Jerome Bixby’sThe Man From Earth‘ celebrates its 10th anniversary with a brand new Blu-ray + DVD set exclusively from MVD Entertainment Group. The Special Edition Blu-ray + DVD Collector’s Set of the cult classic science fiction drama available on November 21st originally debuting in November 2007, this new anniversary release hits retailers exactly ten years later.

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Hey guys, Jana here,


We’ve been waiting for the announcement of this next wave of programming for the one – the only, Fantastic Fest!!! It’s coming our way September 22-29 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.

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‘Batman’ Season 2, Part 2 Available on DVD!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Mar 23rd, 2015

Hey guys, Jana here,


The 1960’s brought us a lot of iconic images. It was the summer of love, The Beatles, free love, peace, JFK and the birth of Paul Newman! Looking at TV of the time one show stands out, why it’s the ‘Batman‘ series, of course! A fantastic take on the popular comic was embodied for the first time on screen. Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) threw “Pow!” and “Zap!” into daily verbiage that I, at least, still use today.

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Jana B. Here,


Some people are fascinated by a moving film featuring struggling artists, sports stars, or the tragic events of the nuclear family. Some of us are enthralled by the twisted path of a demented and morally bankrupt serial killer. I fall into both categories, but I am really fascinated by serial killers. In fact, I wanted to be a serial killer tracker for the FBI at one point. Clearly, I was influenced by James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels. I did NOT like the movies based on his works, though. I did like Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross, but I digress.

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Misty Here….

Stephen King fans unite in happiness!! King’s sequel novel to “The Shining” called “Doctor Sleep” is due out this fall. This, along with the documentary “Room 237” about the theories of Stanley Kubrick’s work recently being in theaters, has made way to a prequel of the famous book now being in the works. Glen Mazzara , the infamous writer took over for Frank Darabont halfway through “Walking Dead”, has been called to write the Warner Bros. screenplay titled “The Overlook Hotel”.

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Hi, Bryan Here….

Casey Affleck has been developing a project with fellow screenwriter Chuck Maclean about the infamous Boston Strangler, who terrorized the Boston area in the 1960s.  Casey and Chuck sold the story to Warner Bros. and is currently titled ‘Boston Strangler‘ and will center around a group of detectives known as the Strangler Squad who hunt for the killer.  Affleck will most likely star in the film and will also be an executive producer.

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Top 133 Films of the Last Decade (#119 – #101)

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 30th, 2010

After this section of the list we will be at the top 100 films of the last decade.  So many great films on this list.   Like last time, you will get the title of the movie, the year it was released, and a brief memory and review of the film.  Plus, a link to purchase the movie over at AMAZON for a great price.

Enjoy #’s 119 – 101.

119_ House of 1000 Corpses – April 11, 2003

The much anticipated Rob Zombie Horror film.  This film went through so much hell to get released.  It took about two years.  But finally it did.  Rob Zombie showed me that he had what it takes to be a director and he also showed his love of horror films.  Captain Spaulding is forever a great character in cinema history now.  This film is brutal, hilarious, bloody, and all out crazy.  Go Rob!  Look out for a young Rainn Wilson.

118_ Boiler Room – February 18, 2000

What a great story about an illegal stock broking firm.  This movie made me       re-think about those pesky sales calls.  Great performances from Giovanni Ribisi and Nicky Katt.  Kick ass soundtrack too.  i love the Ben Affleck speeches in this movie to motivate these young kids to steal people’s money.  I would imagine this film hits close to home for some people.

117_ Love Actually – November 7, 2003

The ultimate romantic comedy that does not fail anywhere.  I love watching this film.  Not only is it filled with love and comedy, it is filled with drama and hurt.  The best of both worlds really.  All-star cast with cameo appearances by tons of people including Mr. Bean.  If you want a great wonderful feel good movie, then watch this.

116_ Grizzly Man – December 5, 2005

What a horrifying documentary about a man who lives with the grizzly bears illegally in Alaska for a decade.  Now don’t get me wrong, I laughed a lot in this doc, but ultimately it is a tragic tale.  You meet Timothy Treadwell who appears normal and has an unhealthy fascination with bears.  His problem is that he thinks they are like humans.  Throughout the doc you seem him descent into literal madness where he will never escape which leads to his and his girlfriend’s death.  Werner Herzog does a great job with the footage that he is given.  A must-see.  i just think Timothy’s downfall was that he did not understand nature or the chaos that nature is.  You will see it.  Remember the bee he thought was dead?

115_ Ong Bak 2 – October – 23, 2009

The follow up to the bad ass thai martial arts film Ong Bak starring Tony Jaa who is the ultimate badass.  No stunt wires or special effects either in this film.  Jaa is Bruce Lee times 1000.  Ong Bak not only stars Jaa but is also directed by him.  The fight scenes are beautiful and the direction is beautiful. I just want more Tony Jaa films.  Please. Now.

114_ The Mist – November 21, 2007

Stephen King’s amazing book gets the proper treatment from Frank Darabont.  I loved this adaptation.  This film really did creep me out.  If something like this really happened, you better believe some fanatics would come out and start some crazy shit and not help the situation at hand which is that terrifying monsters are trying to eat us.  Loved the ending.  Also the B &W version on the dvd is great as well.

113_ Sicko – June 29, 2007

Another great documentary from Michael Moore.  This man knows what he is talking about.  I do believe we need a better healthcare system in this country and what we have now is not working and has not worked.  This film is NOT about people WITHOUT healthcare, but rather about people WITH healthcare who DON’T get help because of the insurance companies.  It is heartbreaking and funny and very informative.  I think everyone should see this documentary.

112_ The Devil’s Rejects – July 22, 2005

The follow up to Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses which plays out more like Natural Born Killers than a Music Video Horror Film.  I loved this film.  So much fun and uber uber violent.  I think this film still holds the record for most curse words. I really root for the bad guys in this film, because in essence they are a family doing what they do best.  Once again Rob Zombie makes a brilliant piece of Horror cinema to last forever.  Great dialogue that will make you gut bust laugh.

111_ Azumi – May 10, 2003

A badass Japenese flick about a samurai girl who fights evil in her land.  Move starts off with her in a samurai school and the last test before “graduation is her and her classmates have to fight to the death.  Who ever survives gets to graduate.  HARDCORE!  There is a very creepy gender confused villain in this film which makes for much delight.  Also the fight between Azumi and about 1000 people is epic.  The camera work is top notch.  See Azumi.

110_ Zero Day – January 23, 2004

Oh man this film is crazy.  Based on the shootings at Columbine, this film is made to look like a handheld camera documentary of  the lives of two friends in high school who plan to kill as many people at their high school as they can.  And they DO.  It is like Blair Witch/Cloverfield but with the Columbine Shootings subject matter.  It is very frightening.  Tons of insight as to why the Columbine might have happened.  This film rocks and if you can find it, WATCH IT.

109_ Shrek – May 18, 2001

This series has made tons of money and Shrek and Donkey have become cult characters forever.  This is on the list because of its wit, humor, and story.  Very original.  I loved theis film is not only for kids but adults of all ages.  Which means it works on all levels.  I just wish the third film could have been good.

108_ Ali – December 28, 2001

This film makes the list strictly for it’s acting from Will Smith, John Voight, and Jamie Foxx.  I did not particularly like the direction at all, but the acting is unbelievable.  Some of the best.

107_ Hellboy – April 2, 2004

Oh Hellboy, one of my favorite characters from comics.  Del Toro did a fantastic job with this film as he does with all of his movies.  The world he created with Hellboy is pure magic.  He can brilliantly mix fear and comedy and make it work.  Kudos to you all.  Ron Pearlman is excellent as Hellboy.  I want more Hellboy films.

106_ The 40 Year Old Virgin – August 19, 2005

The film that brought Judd Apatow and Steve Carrell to fame.  Also the film that redefined the comedy genre with the dick jokes and vulgar bathroom humor.  Not only are the jokes in here great but it also has a wonderful story.  I still quote this film.

105_ Zombieland – October 2, 2009

Zombies and Woody Harrelson amped up to 10 makes for a kick ass fun film.  I really enjoyed this film.  Fast paced, good character development, plenty of guts and gore, and great funny dialogue and possibly the best cameo of the decade is in this film.  All hail B.M.  I hear they are making a sequel to this film.  Also this film starts out in Garland.  Looking forward to more from this director.

104_ Speed Racer – May 9, 2008

The Wachowski siblings bring this cartoon to life in a huge way.  This is the most colorful film I have ever seen.  I think most people disliked this film but I disagree.  I was highly entertained.  This film could have been terrible and been a huge failure, but it was a lot of fun and a high energy thrill ride.  Very enjoyable.

103_ Zodiac – March 2, 2007

A very creepy accurate film of the Zodiac killings which is still unsolved to this day.  Fincher did a great job making this film and all of the characters are spot on.  a quality film in the serial killer genre, possibly one of the best.  Extremely well written.

102_ Spider-Man – May 3, 2002

Sam Raimi brought this beloved comic character to life and is was spectacular.  It was everything I wanted Spider-Man to be.  Even Bruce Campbell was in it.  I can’t speak for the third film, but this fist movie was amazing.  Spot on dialogue delivery and character adaptations and casting was unreal.  This will remain one of the best super hero films ever. Go Sam Raimi.

101_ Behind the Mask – September 14, 2007

A true gem of a film that not many people have seen or heard of.  This film is filmed like a documentary in a world where Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees and Pinhead are real.  The immortal killer in this film is Leslie Vernon.  He comes across as a likable charming guy with a hint of something not right.  This film crew documents him and how he kills his victims and how he is able to vanish quickly from sight and keep track after his next victims.  A whole lot of fun and originality.  Highly recommended.  Loved this film.  I hope to see another film with Leslie Vernon.

That’s it for this part of the list. Stay tuned next time for the next section. Any guesses as to which ones will be on the list?

Click HERE for #’s 133 – 120.

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