Film Review: Home Again!

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 7th, 2017

Audrey E., here….

Since their resurrection in the late 20th century, romantic comedies began digging their heels into the film industry and eventually gained permanent footing with audiences. By definition, rom-coms have amusing and sprightly plot-lines, circling around the ideal that true love can overcome any hitch, and women are simply helpless without their male counterparts. However, the genre has started morphing into something different lately; women are taking the leading role as well as the director’s chair. Despite all appearances, ‘Home Again’ announces that romance doesn’t have to take center stage, and women can be multi-dimensional, driven and even find happiness despite their losses in love.

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Hey guys, Jana here,

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse is THE place to be for the avid film-lover. We’ve got  the final wave of programming for Fantastic Fest which also includes world premieres of WHEELMAN and WORLD OF TOMORROW EPISODE TWO: THE BURDEN OF OTHER PEOPLE’S THOUGHTS, screenings of THOROUGHBRED, JUPITER’S MOON and PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN, and the 10-year anniversary of the infamous Fantastic Debates… plus much more!

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Enjoy the Trailer For ‘The Florida Project’!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Aug 15th, 2017

Hey guys, Jana here,

From A24, and writer/director Sean Baker (‘Tangerine‘), and co-writer Chris Bergoch (‘Starlet‘), comes a warm, winning and gloriously alive, deeply moving and unforgettably poignant look at childhood. Starring newcomers Brooklynn Prince and Bria Vinaite, Willem Dafoe (‘Platoon‘), Caleb Landry Jones (‘X-Men: First Class‘), Macon Blair (‘Green Room‘), and Karren Karagulian (‘Tangerine‘).

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Hi everyone, Bryan here….


When Ben Affleck isn’t making the next Boston crime movie or saying “Yes” to a cameo role in Kevin Smith’s latest direct-to-video film, he’s reading comic books with Matt Damon and deciding on which next Hollywood starlet to take out for a steak dinner and never call again. The guy is a badass in every sense of the word. There’s nothing he can’t do. I’m just surprised he doesn’t have an EGOT yet. You can say a lot of things about Affleck, but you can’t say he doesn’t know when to say “no”. Affleck announced today that he will be stepping down from his role as director in the upcoming ‘Batman‘ film for Warner Bros., where he will indeed be playing Batman once again.

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Hey guys, Jana here,


Besides breaking waves with an outspoken speech about feminism, Emma Watson has inked a film deal that will pair her with Daniel Bruhl. The duo will co-star thriller, ‘Colonia‘. Watson and Bruhl will play a German couple that gets separated during the 1973 Chilean coup that saw the overthrow of president elect, Salvador Allende and the rise of future dictator, Augustus Pinochet. Daniel is kidnapped by Pinochet’s secret police, DINA and kept in a secret location called ‘Colonia Dignidad‘ (Dignity Colony) where Lena tracks him down with the help of a preacher. Soon, she finds out that the colony is a torture house and detention center.

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Hey guys, Jana here,


In the land of Hollywood, we’re looking yet another reboot. It seems like the time frame between original showing and remake keeps getting smaller and smaller. Up on the chopping block this time is ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. Sony has reached out to ‘Oculus‘ director Mike Flanagan for the reboot.

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Hi, Bryan Here….


The Dallas International Film Festival for 2014 has just announced its full lineup of movies. Last week, we brought you the first ten films that were announced, and if that was any clue on how cool the movies will be this year, it only gets better. It looks like there are some amazing selections this year, films that I’ve been hearing about for quite some time, and am glad to have them in Dallas. Below you will find all the info you want to know about each movie, documentary, short, and cult film that will be showing. And don’t forget, you can purchase your tickets HERE for the festival!!

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Jana B., Here….


The ABC Family network has just inked a deal for a new horror television series from writer Jeff Dixon, called ‘The Final Girls‘. Get this…horror starlet Jamie Lee Curtis is set to star with Steve Miner directing and executive producing. Of course this is just the pilot episode, but I’m willing to bet that this pilot goes to series fast.

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Hi, Bryan Here….


Official Press Release: The Dallas International Film Festival presented by AutoNation Volkswagen Dealers announced today its full list of features and shorts that will be screened through the Festival’s 11-day run (April 4 – 14, 2013). For the 2013 Festival, more than 160 features, documentaries, shorts and student films representing 28 countries make DIFF truly an international Festival. Of the feature films at the Festival, 11 will see their world premieres and two are North American premieres—all represent some of the best in the art of filmmaking. These films were selected from more than 1,300 submissions from around the world.

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Hi, Bryan Here….

A tad late bringing this past week’s cool blu-ray picks to you, but it’s here and this coming week’s releases should be on time.    Not a ton of stuff this week, except for tons of double feature re-releases which we won’t mention.  Next week looks amazing though.  Anywho, let’s jump right in and get to all the goodies.  As usual in this article, you will get some info about the disc and the extras that come with the movie as well as a personal opinion about the movie and a link to purchase the film over at AMAZON where you can save quite a bit of money, and it will give a small percentage kick back to this site so we can continue bringing you excellent stories and bizarre tales. So click on the pictures and start saving.

Enjoy and Here We Go!!

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Nicole Kidman Will Walk in Grace Kelly’s Shoes!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Apr 5th, 2012

Hi, Bryan Here…

Nicole Kidman is in final talks to play Grace Kelly in Olivier Dahan’s ‘Grace of Monaco’.  Pierre-Ange Le Pogam (Hitman/Columbiana) will fully produce the $15 million film himself.  Set between December 1961 and November 1962, story finds Kelly as a former Oscar winner and mother of two who had already spent six years as the monarch of a European nation. The retired starlet was called upon to save Monaco from an escalating situation regarding its standing as a tax haven, with French leader Charles de Gaulle giving her husband, Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, six months to reform its tax laws according to Variety.


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2012 SXSW Film Awards Announced!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Mar 14th, 2012

Hi, Bryan Here…..

SXSW 2012 film portion is over.  And it looks like the film ‘ Gimme The Loot’ won top prize this year.  And ‘Beware of Mr. Baker won top prize in the documentary category.  These films will be picked up quickly and you can expect them to be rolling out at a theatre near you in the coming months.

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Hi Bryan Here…

The film “Black Death” has been around for a little while overseas, scaring people, and getting rave reviews so far.  It is finally coming to theaters in the U.S.  in  acouple of weeks.  March 11th to be exact.  Also through Magnolia Films and Magnet Releasing, you can watch the film now On Demand.

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Record Store Purchase Reviews

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 30th, 2010

I recently went to Good Records on lower Greenville and found some excellent used vinyl and some new vinyl as well.  I got:

The Rolling Stones: Exile on Main St. (standard edition vinyl) – Remastered

This is a two vinyl set remastered on 180 gram vinyl.  It sounds PERFECT.  I haven’t heard this album in  a long time, and when I first put it on, it was like hearing for the first time all over again.  Every song sounded magical.  New even.

Ventilator Blues, Casino Boogie, Torn and Frayed, and Shine a Light are my favorites on this album.  Blues, Rock, R&B, and Country riddle this album all the way through.

Sadly with the standard edition of this vinyl there are no inserts of any kind and no mp3 free download.  I think for $40.00 that it should have included the download.  I also think that all new vinyl that comes out should include the free mp3 download of the album.  Sadly it does not work that way.  I also did not want to shell out the $250.00 for the mega super awesome edition of this vinyl yet.  Although it includes tons of other goodies.

I highly recommend this album.  I know all of you have heard it before, but the sounds of vinyl are far superior to any cd or mp3 you might listen to.  It is a breath taking experience.

This stand the test of time.

Queen: News of the World (Vinyl)

This was in the used vinyl section and I haven’t seen this album often on vinyl.

This album being released in the 1970’s seemed to be stepping towards the Punk scene rather than the later Queen list.

It starts out with two of Queen’s more recognized tracks of the stadium anthem “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champions” and Mercury’s brutal “Get Down – Make Love” is just pure awesome.

Other notable tracks are the sounds of “Fight From the Inside” and “Who Needs You”.

This album definitely tells you why Queen and Mercury deserve to wear the crown of Rock n Roll royalty.

Oingo Boingo: Nothing to Fear

For a time in the 1980’s Oingo Boingo was right up there with top bands performing at the time.  Richard Elfman started this amazing trippy band in the vein of Frank Zappa and Spike Jonze performing unique synth and styles of ballet music and other foreign entities.  Richard Elfman passed on his duties to younger brother Danny Elfman who is known  for his many musical scores in movies, mostly in collaboration with Tim Burton Films and of course the Futrama theme.

If you know nothing about Oingo Boingo, this album is a good place to start.  There is not a bad or soft and weak song on this album.

Songs like “Reptiles and Samurai” or “Running on a Treadmill”, or even the great “Wild Sex in the Working Class” will instantly hook you into loving this eclectic band of the 80’s.

I wish I could have seen them perform live.

Sid & Nancy Soundtrack

Another gem from the used section, one I have not actually seen before.  The soundtrack to the infamous movie Sid & Nancy.

If you have not seen this movie, go out and see it.  It is a biopic of Sid Vicious, known as the bassist for the band The Sex Pistols.  Gary Oldman played Vicious.  An excellent film and look into the life of Sid and Girlfriend Nancy.

The soundtrack is kick-ass of course.  Joe Strummer, The Pogues, Circle Jerks, Pray for Rain, and John Cale perform on this excellent soundtrack.

A great find.

Prince and the Revolution/Kiss

Sometimes when you find Prince’s KISS on vinyl and it is a single, then you know it is going to be a good day.

Not only was it the single of KISS, but the extended version which I have never heard.  I quite liked it.  A couple of minutes added to the original makes room for more dancing.

On side B is Love or Money which is not great but not bad either.  Basically I just got this album for KISS.  Also, there is a picture of 1980’s movie starlet Jaime Gertz on the back cover. Or at least what looks like her.

Great find.

Galactic: ya-ka-may

If you have not heard of the band Galactic, then you should definitely treat yourself and pick up one of their albums.  Ya-ka-may is their most recent effort and it does not dissapoint.

You can describe Galactic as Funk rubbed with jazz and soaked in a New Orleans swamp and roasted with blues and sprinkled with hip/hop.

This is New Orleans based so you know this is top notch music making.

The biggest known guests are Irma Thomas, John Boutte, and Allen Toussaint who lend their talents to this album.

“Do It Again” and “Double It”are a couple of my favorite tracks on the album.

Ya-ka-may named after New Orleans street food mixes tons of musical styles that fits perfectly together.  This album is soulful, energizing, and most of al FUNKY.

Galactic is a must listen.