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♪♫Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?


Right on ♪♫

If you were unsure the answer was anything other than “Shaft”, you best be getting yourself a film-education right fast and in a hurry. If you just can’t seem to get that done, Netflix will give you a primer when they reboot the classic 1971 film that was already rebooted once in 2000.

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Bryan’s Review of ‘Ted’!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jun 27th, 2012

Hi, Bryan Here…

‘Ted’ is hilariously funny.  I didn’t expect it to be as humorous as it was, but I busted a gut from start to finish.  I’m not a huge ‘Family Guy’ fan. so I admit, I was a bit apprehensive to watch a feature film written and directed by Seth MacFarlane.  I was quite surprised as to how warm and witty it was.  After the first 15 minutes or so of seeing an animated teddy-bear come to life, I really didn’t see it as a teddy-bear, but rather an actual person.  MacFarlane captured a genuine and heartwarming film with an ultra raunchy and vulgar kick at every turn.

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