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Ryan Reynolds‘ star power just gets higher and higher, and it looks like he’s not slowing down in any way, shape or form. The ‘Deadpool‘ ringer’s production company, Maximum Effort, has signed a 3-year first-look deal with Fox. This is a timely announcement as Twentieth Century Fox’s feature assets will be transferred to Disney. It looks like they’ve found their first project and it’s going to be interesting.

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Movies We’re Thankful For!

by Gumbercules9000 on Nov 23rd, 2017

Tis the season to be thankful for many things. Family, friends, food, jobs, and Bruce Campbell. It’s Thanksgiving time and we here at Boomstick Comics just love movies. We love everything about them. Even the bad ones. While you’re eating those delicious bites of Turkey, watching ‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving‘ or the Dallas Cowboys Game, we want to share with you some movies that we are thankful for. These movies have touched us in some way and have helped shaped our creative lives. Maybe this list will inspire you to make your own list and share it with us. These are the movies we are thankful for and dearly love.

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