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Tom Hardy (‘The Revenant‘) and his father Chips Hardy, came up with an original story that has been made into a high-profile BBC period drama series from Hardy, Ridley Scott and Steven Knight for FX. FX has just dropped the first trailer for ‘Taboo‘ which stars the younger Hardy along with a prestigious list of who’s who among the acting world. Tom Hardy’s father  serves as the show’s consulting producer.

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The 9th annual Dallas International Film Festival is almost here, folks, and we have just received the entire list of all the films that will be playing at the festival. The fest will take place April 9-19, and you can start purchasing passes now with the links provided below. It looks like there will be some excellent filmmakers and actors in town for the festival as well as a treasure trove of awesome movies, which you can see listed out below with a little bit of information on each film. As usual, we will be at the festival, telling you about all the cool movies we’re seeing and posting some interviews with the talent. Stay tuned as  I’m sure more announcements will be made.

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by Justin Cline on Sep 12th, 2013

logoFor those of you not already in the know, Heroes of Cosplay is a “reality” show currently airing on the Syfy network. Next week, the program will be airing its season finale, the second of two episodes filmed at Kansas City’s Planet Comicon. In this contest, the participants will be asked to compete as teams. Three of the show’s stars will be portraying characters from American McGee’s Alice, while yet another three will be recreating characters from How To Train Your Dragon.

While I’m certain their costumes and skits will be entertaining, I’m also of the opinion that the entire cast needs a bonding experience. To that end, I would like to suggest that they enter a group competition in the future as the characters from Pixar’s Toy Story movies.

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Dallas’s newest burlesque production, Clever Girl Cabaret, takes the stage on June 29th, 2013, with a comic book and animation inspired burlesque showcase, “Drawn This Way”. Clever Girl Cabaret will feature some of the best burlesque tributes to Tex Avery, Wonder Woman, Bettie Page, Poison Ivy, Scooby Doo and many more!  The show will take place at the unique Quixotic World Theater on Main Street in Deep Ellum, and will feature the 2010 Queen of Burlesque, Coco Lectric (The Jigglewatts, Austin, TX). The show will also feature performances by Blaze, Black Mariah, Femme Vivre LaRouge and the 2012 Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Angi B Lovely. “Drawn This Way” will be hosted by Dallas’s own cosplay queen and Mistress of Dorkdom, Taffeta Darling. DJ Trigger Mortis will be providing dance beats to keep everyone dancing like the Peanuts gang well into the night.

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WOW.  This was a mighty mighty fun blu-ray set to get through.  Took a while as there are hours and hours of extras and commentaries to listen and watch.  It was great watching all of these again.  Some greater than others.  I haven’t watched all of the Superman films since that tin DVD box set came out several years ago.  Oh man do these newly remastered blu-rays look fucking beautiful in HI-DEF.  So, this particular review will be set up by film.  I will go through all eight discs of the set and outline everything you would ever want to know about them.  From the movie itself to the extras and the audio and video quality.  This is one hell of a set and Warner Bros. and DC went above and beyond the call of making one AWESOME home video release in Superman.

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Some great releases this week for the last week of February.  Both new and classic titles.  It is always so great watching the classic titles in hi-def.  It’s like watching it for the first time again.  As usual, you will get some info about the disc and the extras that come with the movie as well as a personal opinion about the movie and a link to purchase the film over at AMAZON where you can save quite a bit of money, and it will give a small percentage kick back to this site so we can continue bringing you excellent stories and sales.

Enjoy and Here We Go!!

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Criterion Collection Additions Coming August 2017!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on May 26th, 2017

Hey guys, Jana here,


I’m back kids, and I’ve got the latest list of titles the esteemed Criterion Collection will add to it’s ranks in August of this year. It’s always an excellent list of movies any collector should be proud to add to their collections, and August’s list is no exception. Without further ado, on to the movies!!!

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The Saddest Moments in TV History!

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 17th, 2019

Days are getting shorter and it’s starting to feel slightly cooler outside. It’s the end of summer and the beginning of autumn where leaves start to fall and orange spiced everything is available for mass consumption. This new season also signifies going back to school, starting something new whether it be a different job or living in another city. Whatever the case may be, it’s for sure an emotional ride.

Thank goodness for entertaining television though, right?

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Here is the super spectacular 38th episode of our horror podcast under the MULTI-MEDIA MEN banner called ‘My Bloody Podcast‘, where the show is related to all things HORROR! Here on this new show, Preston Barta from Fresh Fiction and the Denton Record-Chronicle and I talk about everything we love about horror movies, tv shows, and horror themed music.

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4K UHD Review: ‘The Commuter’!

by Gumbercules9000 on May 1st, 2018


(This film portion was written by Fernando Martinez)

SOMEONE PLEASE STOP TAKING LIAM NEESON’S FAMILY!!! Ok, so maybe ‘The Commuter‘ isn’t so much about having his family ‘Taken’, but they get threatened to get taken, and that’s close enough.

So “The Commuter” is here simply to prove that Liam Neeson is still an action hero, and to be fair, he is probably our best action hero.  At age 65, he’s doing stuff that Tom Cruise wishes he could have done in his 30’s.  Actually, this felt like a role that was written for Tom Cruise until someone realized that Tom Cruise is box office poison but everyone loves Liam Neeson probably because of Love Actually.

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Film Review: ‘The Commuter’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 12th, 2018

SOMEONE PLEASE STOP TAKING LIAM NEESON’S FAMILY!!! Ok, so maybe ‘The Commuter‘ isn’t so much about having his family ‘Taken’, but they get threatened to get taken, and that’s close enough.

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4K UHD Review: ‘Batman Begins’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 2nd, 2018


Since 1989, we were thrilled to have Batman movies. In 1989, we received are first big budget Batman film from newcomer director at the time Tim Burton. It went onto be a box office sensation and spawned three more sequels, which became increasingly worse and silly. By the time the 4th film got around, it was more like watching a slapstick cartoon than anything good or resembling Batman. In fact, the franchise became a joke. Then came along Christopher Nolan who made his trilogy of Batman films, starting with ‘Batman Begins‘, which told a much darker and realistic side of the Dark Knight. The results were astounding on both critical and box office fronts.

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Blu-ray Review: ‘Woodshock’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Nov 27th, 2017


Kirsten Dunst is back at it again in ‘Woodshock‘, which is a hypnotic and murderous thriller with a unique visual style from Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Who are the Mulleavy sisters? Well they are fashion designers who made this film, which of course looks amazing from start to finish, but might lack some story and character development. Still, it’s an interesting watch and one that you might be talking about when you decide to take part in smoking a joint with your friends next time.

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Scooby Doo and Batman are coming to Blu-ray Together!

by Gumbercules9000 on Nov 7th, 2017

I’m gonna go ahead and say it. There won’t be a better film than this all year. On January 9th, 2018, Warner Bros. is releasing ‘Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold‘ on Digital Streaming. How can Warner Bros. team up this duo? Well, the villains of the Batman universe have partnered up with the villains of the Scooby Doo universe to terrorize the city. Batman then decides to join the other detective agency of Mystery Inc with Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma to fight crime. There are so many scenarios I want to see played out here. I want to see Batman slap Fred. I want to see Velma and Daphne fight over Batman. I want to see Shaggy try to unmask Batman. I want to see Scooby wear a Bat-Dog costume. I want the Joker and Ghost Clown to torture civilians. I don’t think this is asking for too much.

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Film Review #2: Wonder Woman!

by Gumbercules9000 on May 31st, 2017

Dan M., here….


Let’s cut to the chase, Wonder Woman is great and one of the best modern superhero origin movies ever made. It deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the original Superman, Batman Begins, Iron Man, etc. It is a nearly flawless introduction to a truly interesting character who cannot only carry her own film but will hopefully help carry future DC films the way Iron Man does with Marvel ones.

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