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Lionsgate is prepping the action-packed thriller ‘Acts of Violence‘ for distribution onto Blu-ray, Digital HD, and DVD available on March 27. The high-octane flick stars Bruce Willis (‘Die Hard‘ franchise), Ashton Holmes (‘A History of Violence‘), Shawn Ashmore (‘X-Men 2‘, and TV’s ‘The Following‘), and Cole Hauser (‘2 Fast 2 Furious‘). Hauser will forever be Benny in my mind from 1993’s ‘Dazed and ConfusedSophia Bush (‘John Tucker Must Die‘), and Mike Epps (‘Resident Evil:Extinction‘). Under the direction of Brett Donowho (‘Salvation‘)

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Film Review: ‘The Duff’!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 20th, 2015

Janet W., Here…


The Duff opens with a voice-over introduction by the female lead, Bianca (Mae Whitman), to the stereotypes of high school in true John Tucker Must Die or Breakfast Club style.  Special effects are used to present labels of the different types (tough girl, etc.).  With nearly the same shot composition of Jawbreaker and Juno, we see close-ups of beautiful girls as the narrator announces their qualities and then a quick admission that she was not either of them.  Enter the scary nemesis, Madison (Bella Thorne) just like Not Another Teen Movie and She’s All That.  So many other teenybopper films came to mind as I watched The Duff

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Hi everyone, Bryan Here…


I’m sure if you’ve owned a video game console before, you have heard or played ‘Dead Rising‘, the zombie survival video game from Capcom. I know I have, and they were very detailed, frightening, and in depth games. Legendary Pictures and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (‘Transformers‘) are adapting this video game into a feature film, or more so a digital feature with Zach Lipovsky directing.

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Hi, Bryan Here….

The Toronto Film Festival is coming up quickly and it looks like it is going to be one for the books.  ‘Looper’ is going to open up the festival with several other centerpiece films that strike my fancy.  Two of them include Joss Whedon’s Shakespeare film ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, and Terrence Malick’s new film, ‘To The Wonder’.  Can’t wait.  Below is the official press release.  Who’s going? Piers Handling, CEO and Director of TIFF, and Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival, made the first announcement of films to premiere at the 37th Toronto International Film Festival. Films announced include titles in the Galas and Special Presentations programmes. The announced films include 17 Galas and 45 Special Presentations, including 38 world premieres.

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Find Out All of the 63 Annual Emmy Nominations!!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jul 15th, 2011

Hi Bryan Here….

Here is the full list of Emmy nominations.  ‘Mad Men’, ‘Louie’, ‘Boardwalk Empire’ ‘Futurama’, and ‘Walking Dead’ all have nominations this year.  The 63rd annual awards show will air Sunday September 8th with Jane Lynch hosting.  Should be funny.  Read the list below.

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Bluray/DVD Releases For The 1st Week Of December!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Dec 10th, 2010

Hi Bryan Here…

Hi folks.  sorry this column is a tad bit late but non the less, it is here for you now.  A few awesome releases this week for the first week of December.  Was quite excited to purchase a few of these.  Plus they are a t great prices for the time being so hurry up and get them while you can.

As usual, you will get some info about the disc and the extras that come with the movie as well as a personal opinion about the movie and a link to purchase the film over at AMAZON where you can save quite a bit of money, and it will give a small percentage kick back to this site so we can continue bringing you excellent stories and sales.

Enjoy and Here We Go!!

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