4K UHD Review: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 6th, 2018


For the last decade, we’ve been getting to know most of the Marvel super-heroes. In 2008, we met Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) when the comic book company Marvel decided to start making their own films with their own company, without the help of any other big studio. It was a massive success, which led to 17 more films that included a ton of more superheroes, including ThorHulkAnt-ManCaptain AmericaBlack PantherDoctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy. For the first few superhero films, we were introduced to their origins and character, which led to the first Avengers films. Needless to say, that first Avengers movie broke box office records at the time and put in motion a story arc that culminates into what we have today – ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘.

If you remember the post-credit sequence from the first Avengers movie, we were introduced to a major villain named Thanos, who is set on the destruction of the universe. Since then, Thanos has been a background character as he put in motion a plan to retrieve all of the Infinity Stones, which would allow him to become omnipotent and be able to destroy and erase any and all life in the universe. This all comes to a head in ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ with Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America: Civil War) sitting in the director’s chair again.

Running at 2.5 hours, the film flies by super fast with its quick pace and a perfect plot that never goes off on a tangent. Almost every superhero we’ve seen in the past films come together to fight here, even the Guardians of the Galaxy team up with Iron Man, Thor, and Doctor Strange, which is as good as you’d expect it to be. With being free of all spoilers: this film shows Thanos and how powerful he is at the beginning, which sets him off to find the Infinity Stones across the galaxy – a couple of them being on Earth. When the Avengers find out about this, a few of them split off into teams to fight Thanos. A few fights in Wakanda, while some fight on Thanos’ home planet of Titan.

The Russo’s do a fantastic job of weaving in every superhero to get their time to shine on screen and make their dialogue as witty and as emotional as it can be. Some of the entrances of each superhero are some of the best moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date in this film. I’m not one for applause or letting out an audible praise during a movie, but myself along with the entire audience couldn’t help ourselves. That’s how impactful and amazing ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ is. The film is just as emotional as it is funny, which is somewhat difficult to do for most filmmakers, but here – it’s all done flawlessly.

I’ll say this – ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ is one of the darker installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s never over-done, but rather executed with elegance and love. Every actor has fully given themselves to each superhero role and just embodies the spirit and character of each scene. You don’t see the actor, but rather the character at all times. This is filmmaking on a grand scale at its finest.


The Video:Avengers: Infinity War‘ comes with a 2160p UHD transfer with HDR10 and looks excellent through and through. There isn’t a giant difference or upgrade between the 1080p Blu-ray and this Ultra High-Definition Disc, but there are some striking variations in the form of colors and detail. Here on this UHD Disc, the level of detail is more pronounced, even with heavier CGI sequences. The textures, scars and wide facial lines on the face of Thanos look bolder and more pronounced in this image.

Beards show individual hairs in every lighting source while Doctor Strange’s cape and Iron Man’s suite reveal their accents, threads, and scrapes easier. Black Panther’s vibranium super-suit shows all of the technology and lighting that shines out every time the suit takes a hit. Falling debris from buildings and the overall destruction of the cities all look comprehensive enough that you can see every speck of dust and unique scratch on bricks and other steel objects. You can see this on the Blu-ray version as well, but here it is more articulate. Colors are upgraded as well but are not overly bright. In fact, in some cases, the colors can look a bit muted on this 4K UHD version as opposed to the 1080p release.

The blue and red costumes on a lot of the superheroes are well defined, but in certain scenes, they can be muted a little bit. The gold and red Iron Man suit shine for sure and the purple face of Thanos sticks out, but almost everything else isn’t striking. What the HDR10 does though is helping the different shading and shadows come forth in numerous lighting conditions and through the smoky debris. Black levels are always deep and inky throughout and the skin tones look mostly natural, however, there were some instances where they can look a little anemic. There is minor video noise as well, but it never distracts from the overall viewing experience leaving this video presentation with good marks.

The Audio: This 4K UHD version comes with a Dolby Atmos track that does a great job with prioritizing the different channels. Again with these recent Disney live-action releases, the volume seems to be set at a lower volume, meaning you’ll have to adjust the volume on your speakers higher than what you have it at normally. Not sure why Disney hasn’t caught on to this issue yet, but let’s hope it’s fixed soon. The track itself sounds fantastic and loud, however, it’s not the big bang sound you were hoping for where everything is turned up to 11.

Instead, this audio mix goes for the quality of each sound rather than just make every sound effect sound startling. A lot of the film is set on the front three speakers where each effect can be heard distinctly and clearly. It’s phenomenal. However, if you were wanting a ton of height noises or rear speaker effects, this is not the film for that. Don’t get me wrong, those noises still happen, it’s just not that often. The scene where Doctor Strange is fighting Thanos with his multiple visions, or when the big battle on Wakanda is in effect, the height and surround speakers really engage, which is as dynamic as you’d hope.

Other than that, most of the noises are settled on the front three. The low end brings a ton of bass that delivers a punch in each powerful action sequence or explosion and never crosses into rocky territory. The score always adds to the suspense and overall epic story to each character too. Dialogue is always clear and easy to follow along with and free of any pops, cracks, hiss, and shrills.


Audio Commentary – An excellent commentary track from directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely is first on the list, as the four discuss making the film, editing the sequences, the visual effects, working with all of the characters from past movies, the emotional and comedic tones of the film, technical aspects, and even fan reactions. It’s a fantastic commentary track for sure that flows smoothly.

Intro (HD, 2 Mins.) – Director Joe and Anthony intro the film and their thoughts.

Strange Alchemy (HD, 5 Mins.) – This is a short look at how all of the characters came together for this movie.

The Mad Titan (HD, 7 Mins.) – Here, we have Thanos front and center as the character is talked about with his origins, moods, his story arc, and even Brolin’s performance. 

Beyond the Battle: Titan (HD, 10 Mins.) – Another look at all oft he superheroes coming together, but mostly focusing on the battle on Titan with all of the technical aspects, visual effects, and more.

Beyond the Battle: Wakanda (HD, 11 Mins.) – Wakanda is actually the USA state of Georgia and this shows how the scene was shot with all of the visual effects, CGI, and more.

Deleted Scenes (HD, 10 Mins.) – There are four deleted scenes, all of which are excellent and worth your time.

Gag Reel (HD, 2 Mins.) – All too short montage of missed cues, flubbed lines, and laughter on set. 


Avengers: Infinity War‘ is a top-notch production from Marvel, where director Anthony and Joe have combined all of the Marvel Superheroes into one film and made each of them shine while telling an engaging, emotional, funny, and super suspenseful movie. This is Marvel at their best. This film is next level good and is the future of filmmaking in the action genre. The 4K UHD image is an uptick from the 1080p Blu-ray version, but has some flaws, while the Dolby Atmos track is dynamic and engaging. The extras are worth your time, but it’s on the light side of things, given the scale of this movie. Still, this is the movie to own in your collection.

Written by: Bryan Kluger

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