Battle of Sexes – King & Riggs

by Janet White on Sep 29th, 2017

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Movie Quotes

I promised your father I would bring you back here.
Wesley Gibson:
[startled] What the fuck?
He said it was the only way you'd believe.
[Wesley sees numerous framed pictures of himself]
Your father was no more than a camera click away.
Wesley Gibson:
[shocked] That's me. He was my father. I killed him.
To your father, protecting you was worth giving up his life.
Wesley Gibson:
[yelling] Protect me? He was trying to fucking kill me!
No, he wasn't trying to kill you. He was trying to rescue you. When Cross left the Fraternity, Sloan hunted you down. Ever since Fox had her teeth in you, he'd been trying to separate you from them. Your father never wanted you in the Fraternity, Wesley. He wanted a different path for you, with things he could never have. A home. Peace. He hoped you would find your own way.
Wanted (2008) The Movie Quotes

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