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Alison Brie is stretching her muscles and pulling on her spandex unitard before she climbs in the ring for Netflix’sGLOW‘. The ‘Community‘ star has signed on in a starring role for Jenji Kohan’s latest series based on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, co-created with Carly Mensch (‘Orange is the New Black‘) and Liz Flahive (‘Nurse Jackie‘).

The 1980’s was the first decade where we saw women wrestlers. This 10-episode comedy series is set in Los Angeles and will feature bad makeup and big hair, all the things that made the 80’s wonderful. Add in the story of an out-of-work actress who latches onto one final attempt to live her dreams when a job presents itself in the form of a weekly series about female wrestlers based on the syndicated TV series that was popular in the 80’s.




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Beth Jordan:
I'm gonna give you my number. Let's see if I can find it...
Harry Dunne:
[notices his left leg is on fire]
Harry Dunne:
Beth Jordan:
Okay. I know I left it in here somewhere.
Harry Dunne:
[stomping his left leg] Look! Why don't you just tell it to me! I have a really good memory!
Beth Jordan:
Well, the number is 555-...
[Harry repeats it almost silently]
Beth Jordan:
...-905 - . Oh wait! That's my home number. That is so weird how your mind just goes plain...
Harry Dunne:
[gets impatient, still trying to stomp the fire out] FOR GOD'S SAKE! JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN NUMBER!
Beth Jordan:
[looks at Harry appalled] Okay. Look guy! Your gonna get pushy, FORGET ABOUT IT!
[Beth drives off, and Harry stomps away to the bathroom to put the fire out]
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