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Mustang‘ director Deniz Gamze Erguven plans to break the language barrier with her first English language picture, ‘Kings‘. The setting for ‘Kings‘ is the tension-mounted Los Angeles scene during the Rodney King trial in 1992 which resulted in mass rioting after the policemen who were captured on tape beating King received an acquittal. ┬áThe story that will be told inside that setting will be dramatic and touching and told by lead actors Daniel Craig and Halle Berry.

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Craig will play Ollie, one of only a few white residents living in South Central and Berry’s character become friends. She is a tough and protective mother who looks after a group of kids, she’s also secretly in love with Ollie. Once the riots ignite the two try and track down the kids from the worst of the violence. The riots culminated in 55 deaths over the course of six days.

Erguven’s first project ‘Mustang‘ was nominated for an Academy Award in Best Foreign Language Film category and turned heads at the Cannes Film Festival even though ‘Kings‘ is the project she was most excited to make. She finally gets her chance and with Craig and Berry attached it’s going to be sure to get attention.


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