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Brian De Palma

Brian De Palma (‘Scarface‘, ‘The Untouchables‘) has got a legacy of films that will make others think long after he’s gone. Fortunately, he is still with us and still making movies. The multi-award winning director has picked his next project, ‘The Truth and Other Lies‘ based on the novel by Sascha Arango.


Arango, himself, wrote the script based on his novel which became a bestseller in 2015 and awarded the prestigious Prix Européen du Polar du Point. The novel is a study in contemporary mystery/thriller and it’s brilliant. It’s based on your typical every man, famous author, loving husband, and a pregnant mistress, and that perfect world falls apart. His attempt to correct the situation goes terribly wrong and he has to keep his various lies and deceptions in order to keep from being caught.

Joining De Palma on this thrilling journey is Chockstone Pictures and Nick Wechsler Productions. Producing are Steve Schwartz, Paula Mae Schwartz and Wechsler with Roger Schwartz is attached as a co-producer.

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