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With the networks rolling out their fall lineups, it was expected to find a few little gems to give us some surprise, and CBS achieved that in spades. ‘Limitless‘ is a new series based on the 2011 film of the same name. While the premise of cultivating a series based on a fairly well-received film is not a new idea, having the star from the film carry the series might be, but when the star in question is Bradley Cooper, it’s a shock to the lineup.

Cooper will reprise his role as the mind-boosting drug addict Edward Mora in a recurring role. He may have been considered too famous to give the small screen a second look, but he’s not the average movie star. In the series, Cooper’s character is now a senator who is angling to put the star, Jake McDornon, another fan of the brain-power drugs as his protege. Lines comparing ‘Limitless‘ to ‘Chuck‘ have been drawn and not without merit. Needless to say Cooper’s appearance will bring in a dedicated fan-base that he created with the film.


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Grow up!
Frank Costello:
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Colin Sullivan:
Do they know who I am?
Frank Costello:
I... I never gave up anybody... who wasn't going down anyway. Nobody knows nothin'.
Colin Sullivan:
Frank... Frank. Do they know about me?
Frank Costello:
I know about you, Colin. You know I'd never give you up. You're like a...
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