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The Multi-Media Men are back with the 43rd episode that covers all things in the entertainment industry. We had a great adventure this time around and had tons to discuss. Joining me is Adam Conway from the Angelika Film Center, Gadi Elkon from Selig Film News,  Susan Kamyab from This Chix Flix , and Special Guest Hillary Thomas from Fangirls: Dames of the Roundtable. It was a lot of fun to say the least. We discuss what movie and celebrity we would take with us on a deserted island with a sadistic twist, ‘Zoolander 2’, a Teen Titans live action series, and our famous ReCast Session of ‘Blazing Saddles’. We even came up with some fun new Apps we would like to see out there including a Siri option that would let you add your favorite celebrity voice to Siri. Let us know if you agree or missed anything. And please let us know what you think by going to our FACEBOOK page and TWITTER page, which you should visit to catch up on all the latest information. And don’t forget to visit iTunes and Stitcher to subscribe to our podcast. Enjoy the show.


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Movie Quotes

Darth Vader:
[addressing the Tantive IV's captain, whom he is interrogating] Where are those transmissions you intercepted? WHAT have you DONE with those plans?
[holding Captain Antilles off the floor, the Captain's feet are dangling at Vader's knees]
Captain Antilles:
We intercepted no transmissions...
Captain Antilles:
... This is a consular ship... We're on a -
Captain Antilles:
diplomatic mission...
Darth Vader:
[shouting] If this is a consular ship, WHERE is the ambassador?
[Antilles dies before he can answer, and Vader throws the man's body against the wall, narrowly missing 2 stormtroopers]
Darth Vader:
Commander, tear this ship apart until you find those plans! And bring me all passengers, I want them ALIVE!
Star Wars (1977) The Movie Quotes