Holy Long John Silvers, Batman!! We Have Valentine Cards!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 11th, 2014

Hi, Bryan Here…


Since the Hallmark holiday is coming up soon, I thought I’d post these cool and vintage Valentine cards for you, so you can send to your favorite people on Valentines Day. These are from 1966 and are all sorts of hilarious and awesome. Because, when you think of The Dark Knight, you think of hearts, roses, and love.

Mark Anderson from AnderToons┬ácame across these glorious Valentines on Ebay. And I’m glad he did, because they are spectacular. Which one is your favorite? And don’t forget to send a Valentine this week to that special someone.


batman-valentines-1966-batcomputer-small batman-valentines-1966-batcopter-small batman-valentines-1966-batman-robin-small batman-valentines-1966-batman-small batman-valentines-1966-batplane-small batman-valentines-1966-killer-croc-small batman-valentines-1966-mr-freeze-small batman-valentines-1966-penguin-small batman-valentines-1966-riddler-small batman-valentines-1966-robin-small batman-valentines-1966-varooom-small batman-valentines-1966-zelda-small

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