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Death Waltz Recording Company, the record printer that is famous for re-releasing excellent horror movie soundtracks, has announced they will be releasing two separate soundtracks to David Lynch’s cult series, ‘Twin Peaks‘ and the film companion ‘Fire Walk with Me‘. There is no release date as of yet, but we do know the two releases will be two different colors. I’m completely psyched about this, as ‘Twin Peaks‘ was one of the greatest shows to ever air on television.

Spencer Hickman, the head honcho over at Death Waltz discussed this announcement over at Spin The Black Circle (a forum dedicated to vinyl fans, and I suggest you sign up for), and said that one record will be ‘cherry colored‘, while the other one will be ‘coffee colored‘. This is in reference to a few things from the show.

Angelo Badalamenti’s cool score came out in 1990 from Warner Bros., but has not been re-issued since. Neither has the film ‘Fire Walk With Me‘, which again, was the companion piece to the tv show. Again, both of these soundtracks will be available. We do know that the artwork for both releases have been approved by Lynch himself. We will keep you updated on artwork, track listings, and other information pertaining to this. But rest assured, Death Waltz has some cool releases coming out in the next few months, including a couple for Record Store Day.


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