Horrible Bosses

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 27th, 2013

Horrible Bosses

(L-r) JASON SUDEIKIS as Kurt Buckman, CHARLIE DAY as Dale Arbus, and JASON BATEMAN as Nick Hendricks in New Line Cinema’s comedy “HORRIBLE BOSSES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

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Movie Quotes

Agent Jay:
Sweet dreams, big boy!
[jabs the tranquilizer into Jeff, only aggravating him. After a few moments time, J reloads the tranquilizer]
Agent Jay:
Whoo! Sweet...
[is launched forward]
Agent Jay:
Agent Jay:
[crashes through back window of a subway car] ... big boy. Transit authority people! Please move to the forward car, we got a bug in the electrical system!
[passengers ignore him]
Agent Jay:
Yo! People! We got a bug in the electrical system!
[Jeff bites off a large portion of the subway car, and the passengers start running to the front]
Agent Jay:
Yeah, now y'all runnin'! Now y'all- no, no, no, come on, sit down, sit down! It's only a 600 foot worm!
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