The Multi-Media Podcast #9 – ‘In The News’!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 26th, 2013

Hi, Bryan Here….


Here is our 9th installment of ‘In the News’ for our 9th podcast. Here we discuss up-to-date-news over the last week including, more horror films going to be released in the coming year, and Leonardo DiCaprio playing a US President. Oh yes, don’t forget to listen to Gadi lose his freaking mind about Tom Hanks and CNN. Enjoy the show….

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Uncle Martin Gascoigne:
Your father is running the business.
Alex Montel:
No, I... I retired him.
Uncle Martin Gascoigne:
Really? He never spoke of that to me.
Alex Montel:
That's because he can't speak. I slit his throat.
[Slashes Gascoigne's throat]
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