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Comedy Central has just purchased back the rights for ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000‘ and plans to start filming new episodes later this year for a next Spring debut.  Comedy Central has been in close contact with the good folks over at Rifftrax which consists of Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy and they have come to a deal to merge the two brands into one.

The deal stated that in addition to Rifftrax’s giant catalogue of riffed movies, and live performances, they will work a few months out of the year on the renewed television show that ended in 1999, in addition, Comedy Central will air some of the Rifftrax films throughout the year as well.  The deal also revealed that there will be guest spots on several of the episodes from famous actors including Will Ferrell, Robin Williams, and Kristin Wiig.  Original MST3K creator and riffer Joel Hodgson will serve as executive producer as well as make at least once cameo during the first season.

Comedy Central was impressed by the success of Rifftax’s Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $250,000 to riff the ‘Twilight‘ moves, and one exec said, “There’s a large enough audience out there for us to put this series back on the table.”  If the money was there and we could all agree on the direction of the show, it was a done deal.” Well it seems like it finally happened. Not much was said on which movies would be riffed for the new season, but Nelson revealed that they would be older films with a couple of Japanese martial arts movies mixed in.  Everyone is very happy with this moving forward.

I hope we get more ‘Godzilla‘ movies and some really bad martial arts films from the 60s.  This would be such amazing news if it were true, however that’s not the case today.  Happy April Fool’s Day.


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