by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 19th, 2013

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Movie Quotes

Velma Von Tussle:
[disgusted] Oh!
[forces a smile]
Velma Von Tussle:
Mrs. Turnblad! I'd know whose mother you were ANYWHERE.
[notices Edna's outfit]
Velma Von Tussle:
Oh, let me guess - new dress?
Edna Turnblad:
[nods, shyly but proudly]
Velma Von Tussle:
Well... you'll stop traffic!
Edna Turnblad:
[looks away, crushed]
Velma Von Tussle:
It was nice meeting you... Tracy.
[struts away with Amber, as Edna starts crying]
Tracy Turnblad:
Mama, don't you DARE listen to a word she says!
[Edna appears not to hear her]
Tracy Turnblad:
Come on! She's just worried that I'm going to win the Miss Teenage Hairspray contest!
Edna Turnblad:
[stops crying immediately and looks at Tracy, impressed] ... Really?
Hairspray (2007) The Movie Quotes

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