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Comedy Central Roast Of Roseanne Barr - Arrivals

WOW.  I didn’t expect all of these articles focusing on Roseanne today. I guess Barr is back in business.  NBC recently passed on her comedy pilot ‘Downwardly Mobile‘, but has just inked a deal with Universal Television to develop, star, and produce a new comedy for NBC. Barr will re-team with producer Steven Greener for this upcoming project.  Both Greener and Barr worked on her reality show ‘Roseanne’s Nuts‘, which centered around her actual nut farm.

There is no telling what this new comedy will be about, but her pilot for ‘Downwardly Mobile‘ co-starred her former tv husband John Goodman, according  to THR, and centered on a mobile home park. And like we mentioned before, Barr is guest starring on ‘The Office‘, so I guess NBC is just all gang-ho for Roseanne.  I hope this works out for her. The current project has no name as of now, and the only thing we know at this time is that it will star Roseanne. Oh please, get Goodman back in the game. That would be amazing.  Or, even better, would be to get her ex-husband Tom Arnold to co-star with her. Now, that would be some excellent television.

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