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‘Superbad’ star Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) is set to star as one of two leads in a comedy pilot for CBS titled ‘Friend Me’.  Written by Alan Kirschenbaum and Ajay Sahgal, ‘Friend Me’ follows two twenty-something best friends, Evan (Mintz-Plasse) and Rob (Nicholas Braun), who move from Bloomington, Indiana to Los Angeles to begin their exciting new lives working at Groupon according to Deadline.

Nicholas Braun kinda looks like Mintz-Plasse and was in ‘Sky High’ and ‘Red State’.  Mintz-Plasse is working on the sequels to ‘Kick- Ass’ and ‘How To Train Your Dragon’.  Plus, the animated film ‘ParaNorman’.  I really enjoy both of these actors and I hope this goes to series.  Plus it will be great to see Mintz-Plasse on the small screen.  Your thoughts?

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Men in Black (1997)
[the alien perp is on top of a building running away from Jay. He opens up a door and sees Jay pointing his gun at him]
James Edwards:
What's up?
He's coming because I failed and now he'll kill me, too.
James Edwards:
Yeah, well you just pissing everybody off today, huh?
You don't understand. Your world's gonna end.
[He blinks with his eyeballs]
James Edwards:
What the hell are you?
[the perp is on the edge of the building]
James Edwards:
Hey, watch that ledge. Watch the ledge. Look, come on down and we'll get those eyes fixed. Don't even worry about it. Let me talk to you. Hey, hey!
[the perp raises his arms, falls off the building and lands on the sidewalk]
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