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Dallas’ best music store is planning their 5th annual Record Store Day and event which promises to be the place to be on Saturday, April 21st.  The event will be Good Records’ 12th birthday and is being dubbed the 12 Step Program.  There will be bands, good music for purchase, limited releases exclusive to Record Store Day, and one hell of a party that will last all day and night.

Of course we will be celebrating the 5th Annual Record Store Day as well as our store’s 12th Birthday. Bands, releases, and party details still to be announced but for now MARK YOUR CALENDAR as this is the place to be all day on Saturday April, 2012. You know the drill. Rest your liver and save your money accordingly.
The Music Schedule:
Emcee Chris Tellez

11am James Earl Alford
Noon Diego Garcia
1pm Joe Pug
2pm Umphrey’s McGee
3pm Zhora
4pm Civil Twilight
5pm Switchfoot
6pm Skeleton Coast
7pm Glorium
8pm Yells At Eels
9pm Sealion
10pm The Quaker City Night Hawks
11pm Stardeath & White Dwarfs

Special sets by:
Diamond Age
New Fumes
et. al.

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