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Jon Favreau will direct the pilot episode for a project hatched by J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke for NBC called ‘Revolution’.  We all know what J.J. Abrams is capable of, but Kripke is responsible for ‘Supernatural’. ‘Revolution’ will be a fast paced action series that follows a group of people trying to survive and try to find their family and friends  in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist.  Seems right up Abrams alley doesn’t it?

Favreau wrote the script as well to ‘Revolution’.  This will be the first time Favreau will be directing a dramatic tv series.  This has an interesting concept and am looking forward to see how this plays out and who gets cast.  I wonder if we will see any LOST actors in the series?


Your thoughts?

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Michael Scofield:
Abruzzi, I need you to hire me at PI.
John Abruzzi:
[calmly] Beat it.
Michael Scofield:
[with a smug smile] Maybe you oughta hear what i got to say.
John Abruzzi:
you got nothing I need
Michael Scofield:
wouldn't be too sure of that.
[places a origami crane in front of Abruzzi]
John Abruzzi:
[cynically] my mistake, just what I need - a duck!
Michael Scofield:
PI, abruzzi. u might find that i can be of more assistance than you think.
[abruzzi's goons get up menacingly]
Michael Scofield:
[Scofield starts backing off, smiling] mull it over, come find me when you're ready to talk.
[walks off]
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