Julian Assange Guests on ‘The Simpsons’ as Himself!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 30th, 2012

Hi Bryan Here….

Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange has a gust spot on ‘The Simpsons’ coming up on February 19th.  This  also marks ‘The Simpsons’ 500th episode.  In the episode,  Marge and Homer go off the grid and find themselves living next door to Assange. “He invites them over for a home movie and it’s an Afghan wedding being bombed,” says producer Al Jean. “There’s nothing we did that has anything to do with the legal situation that he’s in,” Jean says. “We wanted to make sure it was satirical, and he was willing to do that.”

Much congratulations to ‘The Simpsons’ for 500 glorious episodes.  Now they just need to have Bruce Campbell guest on the show.  Maybe for a Treehouse of Horror or something.


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