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Got New Years plans?  Still trying to figure out what to do?  Well, if you and your loved ones and friends are having a house party or just going to enjoy a relaxing evening at the house, tune in to AMC all day for the entire series so far of everyone’s favorite zombie series, ‘The Walking Dead’.   “On Sat., Dec. 31 AMC will air a full-series, back-to-back The Walking Dead marathon beginning with the series Pilot, “Days Gone Bye” at 11AM | 10C and culminating with the Season 2 Midseason Finale, “Pretty Much Dead Already” at (when else?) Midnight | 11C.”

The 2nd part of of the second season of ‘Walking Dead’ will start February 12th, 2012.  So this will be a good time to catch up.  Enjoy.

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Col. Robert Moore:
When did the... event... transpire?
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner:
Zero-Four hundred, we think.
Col. Robert Moore:
I was snug in bed.
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner:
Witnesses? Wife? Girlfriend? Roommate? Hooker?
Col. Robert Moore:
I am divorced. I am between girlfriends, I live alone and I do NOT use hookers. I actually have no alibi whatsoever. Does that make me a criminal?
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner:
No. It makes you lonely and unpopular.
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