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That’s right Cusack and Knoxville will star in this what seems like uproarious comedy film titled ‘Carnaval’.  Cusack will play a sports scout sent to Rio de Janeiro during the over-the-top bacchanalia of Carnaval to recruit the world’s best soccer player with the promise that if he signs the star, he will inherit the agency. Knoxville plays his best friend, a musician who tags along and has an affair with a woman who turns out to be the player’s girlfriend, derailing the signing mission.

Josh Stern will be directing and producing.  Sounds like a sillier Jerry Maguire doesn’t it?  I know Knoxville is gold in everything he is in and Cusack is just plain awesome.  I wonder if Cusack will narrate the film to the camera like he does in so many of his films.  I think this duo will have great chemistry and I would hope to see them in more films together.

Your thoughts?

Via HWR.

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Sin LaSalle:
Sin LaSalle?
Sin LaSalle:
Yeah, who wants to know?
Shut your punk ass mouth! NTL owes you 300 large, right? Chili Palmer was going to pay you, but Nick Carr says, "Sin LaSalle? Man, I wouldn't give my money to that Alabama porch monkey!"
Sin LaSalle:
Alabama porch mo... Nick Carr said that?
Man, you heard me, fool! He told Chili go give him the 300 grand instead in exchange for some goddamn contract and what not. Look man, you want your chips? Do you want your chips? Then you best see Nick Carr. C.A.R.
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