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Actor Kevin Costner has exited Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming violent western film ‘Django Unchained’.  Supposedly Costner left due to a scheduling conflict and personal reasons.

Costner had agreed to play the supporting role of Ace Woody in the Sergio Leone-style Spaghetti Western.  His character Woody, is a humorless and sadistic trainer of the male fighting slaves who entertains the white patrons of Candyland, a hellhole that also used female slaves as prostitutes. Candyland is the club and ranch owned by Calvin Candie (Leo DiCaprio),   and Ace Woody is the one who pits the “mandingo” fighters against one another, and who has little qualms about mistreating and even killing the slaves who don’t measure up.  Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson star, with Foxx playing the title character, who is a slave-turned-bounty hunter who must take on those villains to free his slave wife.

So, Costner will be playing Pa Kent in the upcoming Superman reboot from ‘300 director Zack Snyder as well as acting and producing ‘The Hatfields and McCoys’ for the History Channel.  So he left a Tarantino film to do that?  HUGE MISTAKE.  Now I know Superman will make tons of money, but it will be no where near as good or brilliant as Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’.  This film could have re-vitalized Costner’s career.  I don’t think Superman will.  I don’t even recall when Costner really played a bad guy.  He needed to do this film.  Oh well.  Can’t wait to see who Tarantino picks now.

You thoughts?

Via Deadline.

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