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Boomstick Comics sat down with Leonidas himself, Gerard Butler, to talk about his latest film ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ which is the true story on the the life of Sam Childers.  Butler plays Childers in the film perfectly.  The charming and hilarious Butler talks about how he prepared for his role as Sam Childers and what it was like working on the set.  he also gives us a little hint of some of his upcoming films including a short film directed by Brett Ratner where Butler plays two foul-mouthed leprechaun brothers.  He gives us one of his lines in character.  It was pure magic and hysterical.  Enjoy.  You might recognize Gerard from ‘300’, ”, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, and ‘Gamer’.

Technical difficulties ensued and we only got audio from here on.  Apologies.  I’ll “dine in hell” for this one.

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Movie Quotes

Toby Lee Shavers:
[showing Xander the binoculars] Eagle Eyes. Nine enhanced-vision modes. Every little boy's dream: the penetrator mode. Check it out.
[points at a woman]
Xander Cage:
[looks through the binoculars, sees under the woman's clothes] Oh, my God.
Toby Lee Shavers:
She's checking you out.
Xander Cage:
I gotta hang onto these.
xXx (2002) The Movie Quotes

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