Wildflower Festival this weekend!

by Gumbercules9000 on May 20th, 2011

Hi, M.D. here…

Richardson’s 19th annual arts and music festival will be held at Galatyn Park this weekend May 20-22. There are some great musical acts as well as some awesome vendors that will be there! Check out the line-up!

Come see what the Wildflower has to offer! There will be an art guitar auction, a food garden, game zone, contests and more…

Bring your kids (or those who act like them)! The Kidz Korner features: rock star karaoke, face painting, bounce house, rock wall, petting zoo, butterfly habitat and art contests

Tickets are still available for single day passes or three-day passes (there are special discounts for Richardson residents).

bullet Wildflower! is an award-winning, multi-day eclectic arts and music festival that draws over 70,000 attendees… and we’re celebrating our 19th anniversary May 20-22, 2011!

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