Director David O. Russell Leaves ‘Uncharted’ Film!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on May 27th, 2011

Hi Bryan Here….

Director David O. Russell has decided to exit his project, ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’ based on the hit video game.  Russell has directed ‘The Fighter’, ‘I Heart Huckabees’, and ‘Three Kings’ to just name a few.  After the big success of ‘The Fighter’ at the Oscars, Russell has been offered many projects and has been juggling these choices for a few months.  Well he has decided to go with another project other than ‘Uncharted’.

Sony is hiring a new writer to work on the draft that has already been written, but Sony says it still very much wants to make this picture.  So technically, this could be a fun adventure and fairly terrifying film.  If done right.  I’d like to see this game put in to cinema.  I wonder which director Sony will tap to get this back on its feet.  Matt Reeves?  Adam Green?

Your thoughts?

Via Deadline.

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