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Recently, the big zombie epic oral history novel written by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks) was having difficulty being financed.  This is even with Brad Pitt set to star and Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball, Quantum Of Solace) set to direct.  Well this just in, there are three companies that are wanting to invest in the film.

I hope there are some successful negotiations in the near future to get this project off the ground.  The most common roadblock for this film not getting financed is everyone is thinking and saying that there are too many zombie films nowadays.  Ummm Not the case.  There aren’t enough zombie films out.  Plus this is way different than any of the others that have come out.

Max Brooks’ book is very scary and a whole lot of fun.  Brilliant.  Let’s get this ball rolling studio.

Your thoughts?

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Movie Quotes

Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)
Dick Harper:
[after watching the news saying he is going to be indicted] Indicted?
Jane Harper:
Dick Harper:
[screaming] Indicted!
Jane Harper:
Dick, its gonna' be alright.
Dick Harper:
[starts running around house screaming] Indicted, Indicted, I'm being Indicted!
Jane Harper:
[Yells to him in a different room] Dick calm down.
Dick Harper:
[Runs back in to bedroom]
[In pitiful voice]
Dick Harper:
I can't calm down, I'm being indicted...
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