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Director Tim Burton and Actor Josh Brolin are bringing back The Hunchback of Notre Dame back to the Silver Screen with Brolin playing the Hunchback.

I think Brolin would be perfect in this part.  According to the HR, Michele and Kieran Mulroney will be writing the screenplay for this remake.  They wrote the script for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel, Game of Shadows.  Brolin will also be producing the picture as well.  No word on if Burton will direct this movie yet, but I am sure he will.

It is going to be interesting to see who else they cast for this film.

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Agent Jay:
Wait, what are you doing?
Agent Kay:
I always do the driving.
Agent Jay:
Oh, no.
Agent Kay:
I remember that.
Agent Jay:
No, what you remember is that you used to drive that old busted jaun. See, I drive... the new hotness.
[pointing at Kay]
Agent Jay:
Old and busted.
[pointing at himself]
Agent Jay:
New hotness.
[Kay looks at Jay for a second, then jay hands the keys over]
Agent Jay:
Old, busted hotness.
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