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Albert Brooks has just recently joined the cast of the Judd Apatow’s new film which will be a sort of a sequel or follow up to “Knocked Up”  The story focuses on Paul Rudd’s and Leslie Mann’s married characters from “Knocked Up”.

Albert Brooks will be playing the role of Paul Rudd’s dad in the film.  This is another great movie on Apatow’s part.  Seth Rogen’s character from “Knocked Up” had Harold Ramis play his dad.  Maybe Leslie Mann’s dad could be someone great as well.

I like where this film is going even though Megan Fox was also cast in this film.

I wonder if Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl will make cameo appearances in the film.

Read about the whole story at Deadline.

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[as Jeff devours the commuter train from one end, the passengers crowd at the head of the train in panic. The conductor comes out]
Captain Larry Bridgewater:
You people clear out of here before I start knocking heads together!
Agent Jay:
You get back in that cabin, and you put the hammer down on this thing!
Captain Larry Bridgewater:
I'm Captain Larry Bridgewater, and *I* decide what happens on this train.
Agent Jay:
Oh, you decide? Okay, come on.
[puts an arm around Larry, steers him to the rear of the crowd, and points]
Agent Jay:
Larry, this my man Jeff.
[Jeff takes another huge bite out of the back of the train]
Captain Larry Bridgewater:
Larry just made a decision.
Agent Jay:
Yeah, Larry need to get his ass back in that cabin.
Captain Larry Bridgewater:
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