Another Peter Pan Film Gains Steam!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Mar 3rd, 2011

Hi Bryan Here…

Yes in addition to Spielberg’s ‘Hook” and that Peter Pan film from the early 2000’s, we might be getting yet another Peter Pan film.  This one will be the origin story of Peter Pan, calling it “Peter Pan Begins”.  Hmm….. Batman Begins???

Joe Roth, Billy Ray, and Channing Tatum are pitching and shopping around this project in Hollywood.  Joe Roth is the producer of Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Knight and Day, and While You Were Sleeping.  Billy Ray wrote such films as Volcano and Flight Plan.  And we all know who Channing Tatum is (GI JOE  and Step Up.

I think we have said all we need to say with Peter Pan, at least for 30 years.  If you need some peter Pan, go and watch the Disney animated classic.

But I digress.

Read more about this story over at THR.

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