Hi Bryan Here…

A new zombie game is coming.  And its name is Dead Island!!! Know it.  Remember It.  Live It. Survive It.

It is called Dead Island and it looks like it is going to kick everyone’s ass.  Even mine.  This trailer is so well done.  It makes me so giddy. It makes me scared.  It makes me hyped.  I have watched this trailer about a dozen times now.  It is remarkable.

Check it out below.

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Frank Navasky:
Joe Fox?
Joe Fox:
Frank Navasky:
The inventor of the superstore, of course. The enemy of the mid-list novel, the destroyer of 'City Books'. Tell me, how do you sleep at night?
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Ah. I use a wonderful, over the counter drug - 'Ultradorm'. Don't that the whole thing, just half, and you will wake up without even the tiniest hangover.
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