Cool Stuff: Nike DeLorean Dunk 6.0 Sneaker!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Nov 24th, 2010

Hi Bryan Here…

I came across a very cool sneaker.  Nike has made a “Dunk” shoe modeled after the DeLorean from the the Back to the Future trilogy.

It is all kinds of rad, but sadly I cannot find a single site or link to actually purchase the shoe yet, but I do know they will be released this Friday.  However, I do know when they go on sale, they will be limited to only 1000, so they will be very rare.  Nike collaborated with DMC-12, which are the makers of the iconic car in the Back to the Future trilogy.

The shoes pay tribute to the car in all aspects of its form, including the brushed steel look surrounding the upper, and the color blocked sole which matches the car’s taillights.  Even the box is made to model the DeLorean.

Below are some pictures of the shoes.

Best to you all in trying to get a pair.

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